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  1. I use Repashy Bug Burger for my dubias that I feed to my leopard geckos. The dubias love it. Their 2nd favorite food is fish flakes. Carrots are a distant 3rd.
  2. No, the male does not glow because his diet does not include the bioluminescent fungi they would eat in the wild. I feed them dead oak leaves and carrots which, I think, is why the spots are so orange instead of yellow.
  3. Thought I would share pics of what those cute little nymphs turned into. Out of the 11 nymphs I bought from herpetologyfrk in February 2012, only 1 turned out to be male. He has been very busy, however, and I now have easily over 50 offspring !
  4. Kyle, this article and video was posted on USA TODAY today! You're famous! I am emailing the link to all my friends, saying, "See, I'm not the only person who loves cockroaches!"... hahahaha! Good job! http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2013/08/21/roach-man/2682823/
  5. Thanks for the link to that article, MrCrackerpants. I found it to be very interesting!
  6. Well, when i accidently cooked 2 roaches I think i was using 50% power and they didn't explode. Might just have to experiment.
  7. Hey, thanks for sharing this - I might give it a try I wonder if it would freeze well...like in ice cube trays...
  8. I uploaded this to youtube so you all could see it. I noticed an expelled ootheca in my Madagascan Hissing Cockroach enclosure and was about to discard it when I saw something move. To my surprise, there was a nymph wiggling a little bit so I grabbed my camera and started recording. I don't know how long the ootheca had been sitting there before I noticed it...probably only a few minutes I would guess. Hope this link works...it's my first time on youtube... https://www.youtube....Qk&feature=plcp
  9. Can anyone provide a link to the actual laws governing cockroach ownership in Tennessee and Florida? What government agency prohibits it? I am putting together a powerpoint presentation on the cockroach hobby for my turtle club and would like to include that information. Also, if you have a link to the actual law regarding the legality of shipping cockroaches through the mail, I'd like to include that. If anyone knows of other states that have restrictions and knows where to find the law, let me know. Thanks!
  10. Peter, if you click on someone's name to see their profile, the top half of the screen still contains all those weird characters, at least on my computer. I'm glad you got the rest of the problem fixed
  11. Yes, I just like it to be even - kinda OCD that way, I guess
  12. This is what I do: I apply the vaseline with a 2-inch wide foam brush that I got at Home Depot for less than $1. It allows you to spread it very thin and uniformly - the perfect barrier to climbing roaches.
  13. Thank you so much, Likebugs! I just read about them on the web - doesn't sound like anything I want to keep One landed on my son's shoe and he totally freaked and froze! ("Get it off !!!!! Get it off !!!!") LOL
  14. Found 2 of these in my backyard. One of them is already laying eggs in the container I caught it in. Any idea what they are?
  15. Welcome to the addiction! There is a ton of good information on this site so dive in and start the journey
  16. Welcome to the forum, David! Now that you found this place I predict you will have many more species by the end of the year As far as my favorite roach, I would say Gromphadorhina portentosa (Madagascar Hisser) is my favorite for ease of care and ease of handling. I have about 9 Therea petiveriana (Domino) and they are a close second. Then again I love the expressions of my Archimandrita tesselata (Peppered) when they groom... Hard to choose Out of the 9 species I have those would probably be my top 3. If you have school-aged kids then you just HAVE to get some Madagascars so your kid
  17. Update at 4 & 1/2 months: Hisser mother and 46 of her offspring are still alive and have been kept completely separate from the rest of my colony since the March 22nd birth. There is an extraordinary range of sizes. While the largest of them are mostly males, the smallest members of the litter include both males and females. I took inventory today and sexed them to the best of my ability: 1 mother (on the dollar bill) 27 males 14 females 5 undetermined (too small) Today I will put them back in with the rest of their colony. This is a G.portentosa colony for the most part, but mig
  18. Absolutely beautiful set-up and the fresh molt photo will be a great entry for the calendar photo contest if we have it again next year! What did you just feed them to make them swarm like that? Mine are usually so shy I only see them around 11pm and they never gather around the food dish like that...
  19. Definitely do not use pine anything... Like satchellwk said only use hardwoods.
  20. Interesting! Where do you find the bio-luminescent fungi?
  21. In my opinion, L. subsinctas are way too expensive and way too beautiful to be used as feeders. The roaches cost anywhere from $4 to $8 apiece and I believe they have a very slow growth rate and the gestation period is 3 to 5 months. I think it would take way too long to develop a sustainable feeder colony.
  22. They are at different instars at this point. The first molt happened within a 5-day-period for all of them, but now they don't molt as a group so I have lost track of instars... It will be interesting to see if they all reach the same general size as adults. I am also interested in seeing the male/female ratio eventually.
  23. Update on 5/28/12: Now have only 48 nymphs. Here are 3 photos showing the nymphs on the day they were born (3/22/12), one of the nymphs at about 1 month (4/19/12), and the mother with 3 of the nymphs at about 2 months (5/28/12). I can't believe the size variation! This mother and this litter have been kept segregated from my other hissers since before the birth. I witnessed the mother making another ootheca about a month ago. I'm not sure if this species can store sperm from one mating to be used later, so if this egg sac produces nymphs then I will know they can (she has not come into co
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