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  1. I don't know how big that particular batch of babies is now because there have been a few more "litters" born since then and I have everyone together in the same enclosure.
  2. I removed most of the aborted ootheca and she disappeared into the colony. I believe she is still alive since no females in that tank have died recently.
  3. I just received these from Nick (herpetologyfrk) I am fascinated by the black and white segments of the antennae...
  4. Definitely an entry for next year's calendar photo contest! Awesome!
  5. Oh my! Your tank is absolutely stunning! What lights do you use to keep the plants so healthy? Also could you list the plants you have in there. I have a horribly brown thumb but it makes me want to try this - with one plant at least. I currently have *zero* plants in my house
  6. Food preference experiment #2 is underway
  7. Final Results: FruitFestiv the clear favorite, followed by VeggieFestiv and Spiru-Tein Banana drink mix. January 27th February 1st
  8. Welcome to the community, Marlene! You will spend hours on this site now that you found it!
  9. Have you tried the orange juice method yet? I am wondering if the orange juice would go bad quickly without being refrigerated...
  10. Ralph, I always have dog food and fish food available in a dish. Then I give them fruit or vegies about twice a week. They don't really get too excited about anything, except maybe canned pumpkin.
  11. Female Madagascar hissers stay pregnant for 60 days, so don't give up hope yet. Can you post a picture of your females? Your temps sound perfect. My humidity stays at about 40% and mine breed steadily. Are they Madagascars?
  12. Wow, it's amazing one lived! How many hissers do you have?
  13. Cindy, I'll put bee pollen as a choice in another experiment Is it granules or powder? What I'm planning to do is find their top 3 or so preferences and then make a custom roach chow mix. I might do a separate experiment with 6 different types of dog food and see if they have an obvious favorite. It's about 26 years too late for a high school science fair project though... hahaha!
  14. I placed 1/8 teaspoonful of 6 various foods I thought roaches would find appealing in a tray. I taped the tray to the bottom of a Rubbermaid tub to prevent spillage. I added approximately 20 Madagascar hissing cockroach nymphs to the tub. After 36 hours, the FruitFestiv portion was completely gone. FruitFestiv capsules contain apple, noni, orange peel, peach, lemon peel, grape, cranberry, raspberry, cherry, acai, mango, elderberry, black currant, pomegranate, strawberry, papaya, banana, blackberry, plum, goji berry, blueberry, pineapple, prune, lactobacillus acidophilus, and an enzyme blend. I think I bought the capsules at Walmart in the vitamin section. I will post again with another picture after another 36 hours or so. Wonder what their second preference will be?
  15. That has happened in my colony several times. It sounds like at least she was able to push the whole egg case out, right? Mine had hers stuck that way for 2 days and it started drying up. I soaked her hind area in a bowl of warm water and was able to gently pry it loose and remove it with a q-tip. I don't know why it happens but more experienced people will probably chime in...
  16. Have you all seen this video on YouTube of someone who has trained their Madagascar hisser to go through an obstacle course? I really want to try this myself. Has anyone else had luck with this?
  17. I think it is SO COOL that people from all over the world meet on this forum
  18. Welcome, Chris! I started out getting roaches as feeders also (for my tarantulas) and now like them just as much as my T's! They are definitely more exciting to watch
  19. You definitely have a cool Mom ! Welcome to the forum - there is some great information on here and I have found everyone to be very helpful.
  20. I had that same question and posted some pics in this thread in the photos section (sorry, don't know how to provide a link): Search for: Archimandrita Tesselata - do I have both sexes here?
  21. Today I went down near the Rio Grande and picked up some dead cottonwood pieces. I boiled them and then baked them at 300 degrees for an hour. I put them in with my Domino roaches and hissers and A. tesselata. My question is: After this extensive heat treatment, is the wood still beneficial for the roaches? Or is it now just a pretty decoration ?
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