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  1. Don't you just love their little orange faces? I feed mine lots of dead oak leaves and occasional carrots, cucumber, and squash. Like I said above, they do not each very enthusiastically - but if you spy on them in the middle of the night you might see some activity. I bought a red-bulb flashlight that doesn't disturb them in the dark. Best for spying - haha!

  2. My L.subcincta like plenty of dead oak leaves and coconut fiber substrate to bury themselves in. I keep half the substrate moist and have pieces of cork for them to hide under. They stay hidden most of the time. They are not big eaters and as far as I can tell mainly eat dead leaves. I keep mine at room temp (about 70*F) which is probably why they are slow to reproduce, but over a 2 year period I went from 11 nymphs to about 60 now.

  3. You are both right! Family: Thyreocoridae Species: Cydnoides renormatus. This forum is so awesome. Thank you!

    So I think it isn't the Ebony Bug then because it looks exactly like the picture of Cydnoides renormatus that I found on the web.

    Amazing what you can find in the backyard when you stop to look :) Doesn't seem to be much info on the web about them - at least info that non-entomologist-type-people like me can understand.



  4. Sorry for the late reply - I haven't been on roachforum for a long time... I have Peppered roaches and the gestation period is 6 months! Then you have to wait 9 months for the nymphs to mature into adults before they can continue the cycle. This is a species for very patient people :) But they are VERY gentle as others have mentioned and I find that the adults are much calmer than the nymphs, but no difference between the sexes as far as personality. They do not fly, but if you have a tall enclosure, when they start chasing each other around (usually around midnight- haha!) they can sometimes flutter from higher levels to lower levels.

  5. I uploaded this to youtube so you all could see it. I noticed an expelled ootheca in my Madagascan Hissing Cockroach enclosure and was about to discard it when I saw something move. To my surprise, there was a nymph wiggling a little bit so I grabbed my camera and started recording. I don't know how long the ootheca had been sitting there before I noticed it...probably only a few minutes I would guess. Hope this link works...it's my first time on youtube...


  6. Can anyone provide a link to the actual laws governing cockroach ownership in Tennessee and Florida? What government agency prohibits it? I am putting together a powerpoint presentation on the cockroach hobby for my turtle club and would like to include that information. Also, if you have a link to the actual law regarding the legality of shipping cockroaches through the mail, I'd like to include that. If anyone knows of other states that have restrictions and knows where to find the law, let me know. Thanks!

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