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  1. Six copies, Nancy? What are you going to do with all of them?

    Well, you know, I have to send copies to my mom and sister so they can have a good laugh at my expense... and one for my desk at work... and one for a friend who rolls her eyes at all my strange pets but might think it's cool... and... I'm sure I'll think of someone else. :lol: It's just too much fun and I'm glad you organized it - thanks, Peter!

  2. Hopefully we can get two more photos to complete the calendar. I will take two more photos later today if nobody else wants to slide into the 11th and 12th spots.

    I sent you a couple to the bugsincyperspace address this morning. Hopefully you can size them right as necessary.

    Thanks, Peter!

  3. OK, I think I have the right size photo, but the 3.6 MB file is too big to use the "attach" option so I uploaded it to photobucket. I submitted the photo in the calendar photo thread using the photobucket link, but it got resized (by photobucket?) to 962x752 pixels???? This is so confusing... Is there any way we can just submit photos for the contest without doing all the resizing, and then if they win we can worry about it then? It's embarrassing to expose my technological illiteracy here in public :(

  4. At the risk of sounding stupid....I don't really understand the pixel thing, because when I try to crop my image to 2300 pixels by 1800 pixels, it cuts out most of my subject. Also, I don't know how to tell what the DPI is. I know you said not to post photos in this thread, so I will try to PM a photo to you and you can tell me if it's possible to enter it, OK Peter? I guess I'm just intimidated by all the technical terminology, but I do have some good pictures (my opinion :rolleyes: ) that I'd like to enter. I just use the editing software that came with my camera, not anything fancy.

  5. When I try to upload more photos, I get an "upload failed" message and it says

    Used 1.96MB of your 1.95MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 10MB)Does that mean I have to start deleting photos I've posted? I haven't posted that many at all, and I didn't think my file sizes were too big, but maybe they are. Any suggestions?

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