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  1. so far about 30 dead the babys seem to be doing fine however and one of my adults died mid molt today butmy humidity is about 60-80% normally. so not really sure whats going on also should i continue to remove the dead ones or just leave them in there untill my cleaings? dont want to disturb the colony to much. any reason for the dropped egg sacs? thanks in advance!
  2. anyone at all know what else i can do?
  3. the person who sold me them said they are not very old. so im not sure about that one. heres a picture of the white thing (there is a female laying on her back today also who is just wiggling her legs but when i flip her over she dosent do anything) which is normaly how i have seen them start to die any clue why they are dropping them? i also found 2 more today and about 6 more adults dead (the babys seem to be ok only found a few so far) it has been a few days since i checked and some of those dead look like they have been so since then. they also all seem to want to stay on the bottom of the tank under the holders (well not all of them but alot of them do) not really sure why but the babys seem to be all over. thanks in advance again! really dont want them deing off
  4. Hello everyone i have recently just started up a dubia colony of 150 Females 30 males and 200 nymphs. within the first week i have had 10 or so die off. when they die they are just going on there backs and for a few hours sometimes even a day they are just laying there wiggling there little legs then they just give out. as for the females when they have been dieing they are leaving a little bit of white...bubble? coming out of there backside. also when some of them die they are squirting liquid out which i guess is there insides. the death rate has slowed by a lot now but i'm still worried i don't want my whole colony dieing. so far i have them in a 75g wide tank they have drink carriers as there cardboard flats. i am using Water gel crystals. ground up dog food and oranges or apples as there veggies. the temp is 86 most of the time and humidity is around 60-70 can anyone think what may be going wrong and why? maybe some are just stressed from the trip? o and also i am finding like 7 so far of those egg tube things laying on the ground why would the female be dropping those? thanks in advance
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