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  1. Thats my favorite sp as well, just luv 'em !
  2. I was wondering if any knew of any blogs currently being posted that were devoted to the owners roach collections? I was considering doing one but wanted to get some ideas first.
  3. That centipede is great !
  4. KUDO'S !!!! I was thinking the other day about getting a roach and/or tarantula tat, keep us posted on the progress.
  5. What about magnolia leaves? I got a bunch of those but havent been able to find anything on line about using them.
  6. I wonder, if by chance the unthinkable happened, would it be possible to cast it in resin in that state, or would it actually harden and color out?
  7. I hope you don't mind I made that my desktop wallpaper. That is a really good photo.
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