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  1. The rules are so bizzare in canada, it's getting ridiculous. The city I live in is trying to ban rabbits, guinea pigs, neon tetras, and many other common pets.
  2. Thanks for the info - I'm going to try and find springtails. Cap Cod Roaches can't ship to canada. Which is a shame because they have so many insects I'd love to try.
  3. are these the same beetles that start out as mealworms in pet stores?
  4. I thought I got rid of last years grain mite issue What can I use as a clean up crew?
  5. it wasn't until I focused with the camera, that I noticed they were moving. So, yes it is mites. Now, how do I get rid of them?
  6. I have a large colony of hissers, and they have developed a brown fuzzy mold/fungus. I've cleaned out the tank several times, but it always comes back - it's on the bugs, so without scrubbing them individually/bleaching them, I don't have any idea how to get rid of it. It is all over the tank, and is even coming out the top of the lid. It coats the walls, bugs, lid - everything. Any ideas? Laura
  7. Is there anything that I can put in the tank that will attract the mite - like some kind of food, so I can remove that everyday, and remove the mites on it? I guess a free bag of chicken feed wasn't the gift I thought it was Laura
  8. Hello I have had a large colony of hisser roaches for about 5 years, and had never seen a mite. Yesterday is was doing a check and saw mites everywhere - there has to be thousands crawling around. Considering I do a check every couple of days (move the cartons, stir up the substrate), I didn't notice any then (or they were in such small amounts, I didn't see them) They are tiny, light brownish in color. I haven't changed any thing in six months - same food same substrate, same conditions. After reading through some other posts, I'm not sure about them - some posts say its ok, some say get those lesser mealworms, others say that they are harmfull. I haven't noticed anymore dead than normal, so I don't think they are harming the roaches, but I'll check in a few days and see. So, any comments, suggestions Laura
  9. I have always used oats for a substrate - I have an overturned down with a dish for a humidity hide. The funny thing is, I've had them for over 5 years, and never had this problem, and its only in the last few months that everything is happening. I gave them a separate bowl of fish flakes to see just how much they are eating of them, and a bit of wet cat food every day - they seem to like it. I'll see if this makes any different, and then change the substrate. Oddly enough, the few people I know who have them also keep the on oats. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  10. Hello I have a big problem. My hissers are eaching each other alive - I notice it when one of them has just finished shedding. I feed them crushed puppy/cat food kibble, fish food, a piece of fruit/veggie once a week, and their bedding is oats. They have fresh water everyday in a bowl, and in a humidity hide box. Temps are in the 85 - 95 range, and they were moved to a huge tank 6 months ago, with lots of egg cartons to hide in. I have never noticed it in all the years I've had them, but have seen it only in the last 6 months. This has been the first year the colony hasn't done well - I have also noticed a lot of deaths - 4-5 a week (but they aren't eating them as their shell has hardened), and no babies in 6 months. I'm just waiting for colony collapse to wipe them out. Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. My hissers go crazy over plum and pear - especially if a little rotten, and they don't really like carrot.
  12. I have about 50 mixed hissers - from nymphs to adults. Everything has been going well, and no husbandry has changed in the last 6 months, but I have noticed 4 aborted oothaca in the last month. In the last 3 years, I have never had an aborted oothaca, so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what could be going on. There is now way they could be disturbed since they are on a shelf in the spare room. Temp is mid 80's - same as always. Same food, same water, same substrate. Thanks Laura
  13. I have been breeding hissers, and would like to find someone in the Guelph Ont area to exchange some to increase the genetic diversity of our colonies.

  14. Since I have cats, I've made sure not to have any poisonous plants around, but I won't bother trying it with roaches - different physiology. Thanks for the reply.
  15. I was wondering if you can feed dead house plant clippings to hissers? I was also reading somewhere about only feeding hissers once or twice a week - I always keep the dry dog/cat food in the enclosure, and give fresh every couple of days. Is this what was meant? Thanks Laura
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