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  1. Oggy and the Cockroaches movie.
  2. La Cucaracha song lyrics in the next link: https://www.musica.com/letras.asp?letra=951972
  3. What you had said have sense, maybe this is a way of to mark a territory by the male.
  4. Hisserdude, Redmont and Matttoadman, many thanks for your replies, regards.
  5. Hi, in what bins the roaches are they more prolific, inside the small bins (27 Qt or less) or inside the big bins (more than 27 Qt) ? thanks.
  6. Matttoadman, Redmont, Hisserdude, BlattaAnglicana, All About Insects, Friday and Tleilaxu. Many thanks for your replies. Regards.
  7. Hi, to have roaches for the roaches themselves? i mean not only to have them lonely as live food, but yes as true pets themselves. I mean for love to the roaches. Thanks.
  8. Hisserdude, Redmont, and Betta132, thanks for your replies, regards.
  9. Hi, which food is better for the roaches? cat food pellets or dog food pellets or chicken food pellets or fish food pellets? i do feed my roaches with dog food pellets, fruit and veggies,, but i don´t know if the dog food pellets are the best for my roaches. Thanks.
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