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  1. Oops, their Discoids. And I looked a little closer and found two white ones. One is a juvenile, getting fairly large. Is this common. I have yet to find a really effective way of cleaning. I usually herd them to one side, sweep that side out, then the other side. Is their a easier way. Where can I get the egg crates, I'm using paper towel and TP rolls right now but would like egg crates better.
  2. Hello all, I'm new on here and to keeping roaches. It was not easy convincing my wife that they would not end up all over the house but I did. I orginally bought them as feeders for my 3 bearded dragons. I ordered a dozen and fed about half right away. I then decided to try to start a colony, again much resistance from the wife, but I finally broke her. When I got them they weren't adults yet and I have had them for about 8 months. Of the 6 or 7 that I had some must have been female cause I got lots of babies. Some of them are just now turning into adults. I keep a heating pad under a 20 gal aquarium for heat, a dish of water and catfood. I also feed scraps from BD salad. I keep a towel over the aquarium to help it stay darker and keep humidity in. I was watering and feeding them and saw something pure white scurry and hide. I have one that is as white as snow, dont know if it is a Albino or what. Also do they shed, I usually find empty shells. I didn't think that they did but maybe they do. If anyone has any suggestions or any comments feel free.
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