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  1. Yes, it is a relief! New UTH is ordered and should be here in the next couple of days. Until, I guess I get a really warm room. LOL!
  2. I may have just figured out part of the problem. The UTH I have for their enclosure doesn't seem to be working. I have a hermit crab tank throwing off some heat. The log they have been sitting on is against the wall next to the crab tank. I moved them a little closer to the heater, just enough to raise the temp in the tank a couple degrees and they are much more active than they were before!
  3. At least they can reach the food and get to the other huts, so I am not too worried. I am going to try letting the ground dry out a bit too so it matches what it is like under the huts. It could be that I was misting and making it too damp for their liking. Thanks!!
  4. I forgot to mention that one. I did do potting soil. They don't mind walking on the stuff under the huts, but outside the huts, they will run or go up the walls rather than touch them. I try to keep it a little damp, but not soaking wet. Do you think maybe it is still too wet for them? It is drier under the huts.
  5. Hi everyone - I must have the most spoiled brat hissers on earth. I just posted about what food to feed them, and now I am wondering about substrate. I have two (so far) for pets and they have a pretty big enclosure. I have a big hut, a medium hut, and edible hut (for hamsters, they seem to like that one!) and I am having trouble with the substrate. I used the coconut and they didn't want to get off of their huts and walk around. When they did explore their housing, they went up the walls and around to the next hut. I am trying peat moss/potting soil now and same thing. They actually crawled up one arm, across my back, and down the other onto a hut to avoid walking on it. Any suggestions or are they just the divas I am raising them to be?
  6. Thank you all for your suggestions! I am going to try the pond sticks again and I have gotten the iguana fruit pellets. I just moved them into a different enclosure, where the heat and the humidity seems to be better regulated than in their old one. They are actually moving around more and not hanging out in the same spot the whole time. Maybe this will help too! I am trying out the Total Bites too. I will let you know how they work out!
  7. Do they really like either more than the other? They don't really seem to have much interest in the cat food I gave them, but it was more interest than the reptile food. Have you tried the feeder insect food?
  8. Hey everyone... I am wondering what kind of dry foods you use for your roaches. I have hissers and I have tried cat food and reptile food so far and not much interest in either. They were only interested in the veggies and fruit I put in, and only slightly. any suggestions?
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