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  1. Hey folks, Reading show in March is coming up and I will be there with the usual roaches, isopods, springtails and fruit flies. This show is going to be HUGE, they are teaming up with the Pet Expo for a three day event starting Friday night into Sunday night. I will be there Saturday and Sunday. http://www.eastcoastreptilesuperexpos.com/
  2. Hello All! Just wanted to let you all know I will be at the Hamburg Reptile Show this Saturday. I will have the following items available. Dubia Roaches, Lots of 'em Pink and tropical springtails Purple, striped and dwarf white Iso's Hydei and Melo ff's. And roach supplies i.e., Organic Roach chow and water crystals. Hope to see you there!
  3. Chilis. Commonly found in parrot food. Bugs dont like it if im correct.
  4. Here we go. The stripped isopods. And my new hybrids. They have smiley faces
  5. I didnt get a chance to snap any pictures. I havnt heard of the Costa Rican type before, i wonder if they are the same. In the dart frog community they are always refered to as striped isos.
  6. That's awesome, the Natural Science here in philly has an indoor/outdoor display. It's amazing to get an inside view of a working hive! Orin- I can get you some pictures when I get a chance. They are tiny, about 1/8" to 1/4" full grown.
  7. I stand corrected, great info thanks!
  8. I would agree, thats definatley a Southern Black widow, which is not uncommon in this area. I dont see many widows at all, and, ironically all I have seen is one southern! Now Florida and NC on the other hand. Florida has Brown widows EVERYWHERE. And they look just like an orb or common house spider at first glance, then you notice the orange markings and the legs. Very cool find.
  9. Great ill make sure i set aside some. Pretty cool collection you have there. Do you keep the honeybees inside or out?
  10. Hello all, New to the site and I love it, finally found an american based roach forum! I never knew so many people kept exotic species of roaches! Anyways, a little about myself. My name is Matt and i run First Choice Feeders, ive been trying to fill a niche in a market that you dont see much which is specializing in feeders that others dont. I handle springtails (pink, tropical and black), Fruitflies (Melo, Hydei Turkish gliders and Golden Hydei) isopods (striped dwarf, white dwarf and orange) dubia and Blaberus Hybrids. Thanks!
  11. Hey Folks, Ill be out there vending some feeders, dubia and blaberus hybrids along with supplies. I hope to meet some of you! Just look for the big banner that says First Choice Feeders.
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