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  1. Glad to know I have a pair! Now HOPEFULLY they will breed! Thanks for the info!
  2. Here are a couple pix of my peppereds...Which is male or female? I'm about clueless with these guys! Nate
  3. SOMEHOW....and I'm unsure why or how, but I ended up with two peppered roaches in with my Dubia colony...I think they may have been stowaways LOL! BEYOND THAT...Both have molted into their last stage and have wings...One is just plain in color really, and the second has the peppered pattern on the wings...also, the one with the pattern has a larger body mass than the other... Based on that info....How do ya tell what's male and female within the group? Nate
  4. So I've noticed with the ooths! Kinda bums me out too...I was given a sub adult, probably L3 or 4, and a TON of nymphs that are just starting to molt...I can't keep fruit flies around long enough for them either! They are a bunch of little pigs!
  5. Is it even possible to sex the nymphs? I've been looking around for information on them for a while and haven't found much... Nate
  6. Ended up using a funnel to get them into the container with the babies....We will see how it goes!
  7. It never hatched...Turned out to be bad unfortunately. I got a load of babies from a breeder here in Colorado...What's the trick to feeding them flies?? LOL
  8. Which one?? The Gold Medal's aren't too bad...They just stink something fierce!! Kyle (Zephyr) had them on his site, Buy them from him! Nate
  9. I've been using Meal worm larva along with Dermy's to keep mine clean...Seems to work pretty well from my angle, Just my two cents though. Nate
  10. I had to clear out some of my roaches, and ended up trading a bunch out for some new BUGS! Super excited to get these guys home - My wife snapped the pix with her Crackberry, so they aren't super clear...But they are still cool! Once they start breeding, I'm SURE I'll have PLENTY to part with! Nate White Spotted Assassin Bugs (L2, L3 from what I was told, and A LOT of them!) Ghost Mantids Lots of baby Ghost's!!
  11. I've been doing quite a bit of research on these guys, especially since there is a pretty good supplier of them here in Colorado, and he happens to be a Division of Wildlife officer so I SHOULD be able to snag a couple...Hopefully! Otherwise it seems a lot of people that keep roaches use Dermy's and mealworms to keep their cages clean, which Ill be trying later on...Interesting forum, ill be joining later on this week! Nate
  12. Thank God!! The other Roach forum was kinda DULL!
  13. I have YET to see the Americans up here...Then again, we are at almost 10,000' so that may be part of it. Thanks For the offer Fox...I'll let ya know Nate
  14. So far so good with it too...Seems the Dubia, Discoids and Banana Roaches love to hide in it...Hissers just lay on top of it, but anything helps to increase humidity in Colorado!
  15. Tried it today with GREAT Success on all my colonies...And being its that time of year...Recycle your pumpkins and feed them to your roaches! My hissers DEVOURED it, the discoids and Dubia eat it but not near as fast as the Hissers, the Banana Roaches and Lats LOVE it!! Just an idea...Never hurts to give 'em some squash! Nate
  16. I REALLY need to get back into the Tokay's! Matt...If ya are parting with any...LMK! Nate
  17. Nope..I've heard of the German Browns up here...Not the Red ones from down there...
  18. These are actually my Wife's little guys. Crocodile Geckos and the one pictured is named "Spike" for obvious reasons...Pretty cool little guys actually! Nate
  19. I LOVE ebay!! Bought a 2 pack of Terrarium Moss from Exo-Terra a while ago and they came in today...I figured it would really help with humidity and give my roaches some natural plant material if they want to chow on it. Thus far it appears To be working WONDERS... Here are some pix.. Nate In with the Gold Medal Roaches Close up of the Gold Medal Roach In the Dubia's tub
  20. I was given a Ghost Mantis Egg case a while back and Im kinda losing hope in it that it will hatch. I don't know when it was laid, but I've been misting it every other day or so, and nothing... Anyone help?
  21. Nate works fine BTW...LOL and im just doing my part I guess...Its my wife who deserves most of the thanks! She let's me keep all of these crazy creatures! Ill post the story on the Desert Tortoise here tomorrow... And no worries about hijacking the thread...I LOVE Tokay's...So if ya end up with a bunch of babies...DEFINITELY LMK!!! Nate
  22. I've been clearing a lot of roaches through craigslist and finally built a website to handle it! Its nothing too special, but allows me to sell my bugs without having to email every single person back and forth lol Check it out if ya want! Http://www.tcfeederinsects.webs.com Nate
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