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  1. Looking forward to your new book when it's released.
  2. Hello all. I use water gel crystals for my Hisser water supply. I have a large terrarium in which the temp is maintained around 88 degrees F. I found that the water gel in the bowl tended to evaporate fairly quickly due to the high temp, thus requiring frequent replenishing. So I had an idea. I purchased a small auto-waterer from the pet section at Walmart. I filled the tank and the bowl with water gel.The gel in the bowl remained moist due to the capillary action between the tank and bowl. When the bowl became empty the bugs could still obtain water from the opening at the base of the tank. Great if you're going away for a long holiday. If you don't want to use gel, just fill the bowl up with pebbles to prevent drowning and add water to the tank. Cheers.
  3. She seems to be enjoying herself. Or perhaps she is just an unfortunate victim of Photoshop.
  4. My Solution I bought weather stripping shown in the photo. It has a self-adhesive backing. I sliced it down the middle as it comes in two halves. I makes a good seal. Over time the stripping will tend to slide a bit but you can easily remove it and re-apply. I used small clamps at the corners to keep the nymphs (escape artists) in. My top seemed to be a bit warped so the clamps helped. My tub is Sterlite with a band of Vaseline applied around the top. No problems so far.
  5. Hello to all. I have 6 young hissers in a plastic tub. Heat is supplied be an overhead red heat lamp. I keep the temp at about 82F from 7am t 9pm after which the lights are off. During the night the temp drops to about 70F. Will the Hissers breed under these conditions or should the temp be maintained at 82 constantly. Thank you.
  6. I use a small disposable pepper mill (Watkins brand) that comes with the pepper already in it. I put my dry Dog and Cat food in the mill and it grinds it up to a fine consistency. Works great for me.
  7. Two questions: I have a couple of wood roaches in a container 14 x 9 x 5 . Assuming that they are male and female (I don't Know) will they breed in a container this size or is a larger tub essential ? Secondly, does this type of roach require high humidity and temperatures ? Thanks.
  8. Hi. I'm wondering how your Wood Roaches are doing? I would like to start a colony but there seems to be conflicting information as to how to do it. Anyway I have a couple of questions for you or any of you Wood Roach enthusiasts uot there. Do they need reasonably high humidity, and would moist coconut fibre be okay as substrate? Thanks.
  9. Cockroach Studies issue #1 http://www.nhm.ac.uk/resources-rx/files/cockroachstudiesissue1-7849.pdf
  10. Cockroaches. Ecology, Behavior, and Natural history by Bell. Excuse me if this book has been mentioned before. It's the last word on everything related to Cockroaches. It's quite pricey at $100.00 plus. I have a .pdf copy. Leave a message here if your interested.
  11. 350 million years on this planet has produced a tough and amazing little creature!
  12. I'd like to start a colony of these. I live in Ont Canada. I've been unable to locate any in their natural environment or elsewhere. Strange because they're supposed to be all over the place. If anyone knows of a source or has any to part with please let me know. I'm sure they're legal to keep here in canada as they have become indiginous to this country. Thanks
  13. Somebody snapped this shot in a roach-infested hotel. The species looks like Giganticus Bangaloticus. Can't be sure though.
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