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  1. Well the replies that denied me permits all came back that no permit needed for Hissers, just cant ship the other roaches i applied for-Lobster,Turkistans,Dubias,Dwarf cave and Orangeheads.
  2. ill let you know when they all answer, 28 so far, i have to look at appliction numbers to see which ones
  3. Well, I got replies from 28 states so far for the other roaches and this is what they said ''We have evaluated your application for the interstate movement of Blaberus discoidalis, Blaberus fuscus, Blaptica dubia, Eublaberus posticus, and Nauphoeta cinerea for use as feeder insects. We have determined that this activity represents an unacceptable risk because the destructive potential of the plant pest to plants, and parts and products thereof, should it escape despite proposed safeguards, outweighs the probable benefits to be derived from the proposed movement and use of the pest. For this reason, we can not authorize your request. Our authority to deny such requests is in the Code of Federal Regulations 7 CFR 330.204(a)(2)." And the Hissers are coming back with no permit required, i guess cuz they cant reproduce as well as these others in our climate--- OH WELL I Tried
  4. Would you believe, I finally got a response for a USDA APHIS permit from Az,Il,ND,Pa,Va from my applications i submitted april of this year. Would you believe the response is for Gromphadorhina portentosa and NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED for interstate movement, but so far just the hissers. Progress, I guess. Thanks again for all the input guys.
  5. Thanks Matt, i havent tried them yet, I tried the usda in Lnacaster which is our local amphis office, but ill try what you suggested. Thanks again
  6. Well, thanks for the info guys, looks like getting permits are practically impossible. So i assume that James at Blaberus is about the only one with legit permits and he said it took almost a year to get em all, i'll just keep going through the correct steps and see what happens. Once again,Thanks all
  7. I just want to make sure all is legit if i end up doing a roach business, i can understand not getting permits for hobbyist or collectors that ship very little, but if i plan to do it for an income as a business i want to do it legit.
  8. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone has officially applied for permits to ship roaches? I submitted my ppq526 applications in april of this year and they are all under scientific review. They said it takes an average of 80-90 days to get a response and still no word. I've tried contacting the local amphis and usda offices and they keep refering me to the main office in Maryland which keeps telling each state does their own reviews and each states workload varies. I just dont want to get penalized or in trouble shipping roaches, or does eveyone ship without permits? Any feedback would be appreciated TYVM.
  9. im using heat mats on all 9 of my 50 gallon bins and have no problems, its underneath on half the bin which is the eggcrates side and its a little bit cooler on the other half where i keep the food and water and all the bins stay at a comfortable 85-90 degrees. It could be ideal because of the size of the bins and im not quite sure how hot it gets with smaller bins. So as far as using heat mats, it works great for me.
  10. I think thats a good idea, its actually what i am more interested in. I'm always scrolling and searching for feeder Qs and As.
  11. Do you have a picture? if you post one im sure you'll get a few responses to help you and what do you want to know specifically?
  12. I just read the article.....Blame it all on the farting termites lol
  13. maybe temperature and humidity not high enough, i usually keep the temp down to slow the breeding down, seems to work for me.
  14. Hey Matt, will predatory mites harm or affect the roach colony? How do i go about aquiring those mites and how many and what kind do i need? I've been trying to read up on them but they only explain how they are used on crops. But its looking like they are phorid flies cus i see the eggs and larvae, so i guess its the hard one to get rid of.
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