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  1. Aww! The poor thing! I'll definitely be sure to keep a keen eye out for that sort of behavior. Thanks!
  2. Excellent! Thanks for the tips. As you all may know and be familiar with... It's very difficult to talk about this with friends and/or one's significant other! Haha.. They just don't understand! They hear "roach" and turn running. I keep trying to say "Hey, just think of them as beetles or something, they're harmless and cute! Besides, it's not like they're household roaches!" It's when I say that they're "cute" that really gets them.. lol
  3. I would LOVE to see some pics of decorative display tanks that any of you may have! I am still working on my own enclosure at the moment but really can't wait to have something fit to be called a display! Will post pics when I have mine together.
  4. I am an avid herper and exotic animal fan/caretaker but have always harbored the dream of having a large display tank containing insects. While I know vast amounts of info on herps, fish, birds, large animals, and many/most other exotics.. I know little on these guys! I would love to change that.. I am trying to find out which species are compatible.. I'm not really familiar with many insects that are kept as pets in general but I am thinking something along the lines of Hissers, Death's Head roaches, Giant Madagascar Millipedes... and anything that would go well with them. I am not sure if the listed species are compatible (they seem to have the same/similar req.s)... Maybe these species won't do well and maybe there's another 'assortment' that will thrive better together? Any tips/advice/suggestions at all would be wonderful! So... Can Death's Head Roaches, Hissers, and Giant Millipedes live together? What else can go with them and whatnot? How many specimens will a 29 gallon (high) hold? I mean, I'm not looking to have 30 of each roach type and 5 'pedes or anything... But I'm thinking some like 10/10/1. They all seem to require the same care.. Which bedding is the best for them? I favor Nature's Bed/coconut fiber due to being environmentally sound in many ways as well as holding humidity well (moldy though?). ****Please also take a peak at my posting in the photo section... In reference to seeing other display tanks owned by forum members..
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