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  1. As far as I know yes....I can ask some of my contacts at UCR...
  2. Are you familiar with the species (I believe undescribed as of yet) from the Colton Dunes area? Not really dunes nowadays, but some very sandy areas still left. I might try to collect some of those in the near future..
  3. I collected mine just a few weeks ago (early November), most appeared to be nymphs of various sizes (a nice orange-brown color!) although there may be an adult female in the mix (don't know how big these are at maturity yet). No males under the cover boards, but I've had males come to my black lights in the spring and summer further south in the Coachella Valley. Did you get your Riverside specimens from the Santa Ana River area?
  4. I've caught some Arenivaga sp. in White Water Canyon just NW of Palm Springs. Putting down cover boards and checking them after a rain event worked for me....
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