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  1. Hi everyone, I have a Discoid colony in a 22 gallon rubbermaid with about 5 egg flats, gutload, and water crystals in it, along with a 4" x 4' heat strip I wrapped around the inside of the container for heat. They stay at about 90 or so degrees, but I haven't noticed a newborn nymph in a long time. I know the colony has both sexes, as there are 50 or more adults in there, but there is absolutely no breeding going on. Any ideas? -Dave
  2. Ok, so this species likes to borrow in substrate, can climb mildly, but not skilfully as adults. Noticed a winged adult amongst the rest. Reddish brown color to them, really small nymphs. Let me know, I'd love to know.
  3. Hello Allpet :-) I'm hoping a know a few people here already, but even if I don't I'm eager to meet some new friends. My name is Dave, and I've been in the reptile hobby since I was probably 15 (27 now, 12 years) and been farming bugs (roaches, silkworms, hornworms, springtails, fruit flies, nematodes) for about 4-5 years now. We're out of Alpharetta, GA, just north of Atlanta, and have everything from Panther Chameleons to Bearded Dragons to Sand Boas to Fusca Roaches, and really enjoy helping out communities around the web with Feeder questions and just general knowledge where I can interject. I'm hoping I can make a little deposit here in this bank of knowledge, and maybe take a few withdrawals if that's alright ;-) Have a great day everyone! See you around the forums! -Dave SPF
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