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  1. Yeah, what @RosenKrieger said, people are getting around it by talking in code lol. Also, FB still lets some invert business pages post ads.
  2. So nice to have another Perisphaerus in culture, I hope yours continue to do well for you! 😄
  3. OMG, I was JUST thinking about this species last night, hoping they'd be in culture one day! What a coincidence! Hope they breed well for you, and that they find their way into US culture soon!
  4. I really like small roaches lol, a lot of the pretty or really ornately patterned species are under an inch in length. And then you got the weird looking ones like these. 😄 So far people have compared the hatchlings to termites, springtails, and Zorapterans. 😂 Thanks, so far so good! 😁
  5. This is currently the smallest roach species in culture, with adults maxing out at around 4 mm. They can be quite prolific, and females pump out oothecae like crazy, (though they only contain around three eggs each). Here are some pictures of adult females: Here's one carrying an ootheca: Close up of an ootheca: And some first instars! 😁
  6. My male molted, into what I believe is a subadult... Either that or a small adult, I'm not sure TBH, do Elliptorhina adult males get the really fuzzy antennae like other hisser genera do? Also, note the loss of most of the abdominal tubercles, this is normal in male davidi, females usually stay bumpy even in adulthood though.
  7. Some pictures of my female carrying her fifth ootheca: And a couple pictures of a different ooth, one that she didn't completely cover in chewed up substrate like normal because I spooked her while she was trying to do so:
  8. Nice, came out great! 😁
  9. Yeah, they're definitely similar to Macropanesthia in looks, but not in size lol, (nor are they especially closely related, Panesthia are in the subfamily Panesthiinae, whereas Macropanesthia are in the subfamily Geoscapheinae).
  10. Nah, their setup is definitely quite humid. Yeah that's nice, I just hope I get some ooths before they inevitably die of old age.
  11. A little over an inch, maybe an inch and a half, so not very big, this is one of the smallest Panesthia in culture I believe. 😂
  12. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here, looking forward to seeing your new acquisitions this year!
  13. Blogger, since it's free and easy to set up.
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