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  1. Were they adults when you got them? It's possible it was just an old adult when you got it, and it died of old age.
  2. Sorry to hear that, that's pretty scary... I hope you're able to go collecting safely one day.
  3. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here! 😁 Do you have any native Mexico species of roaches? Lots of interesting ones down there, even in northern Mexico (well, mostly Arenivaga spp. there, which I personally find very interesting). But far southern Mexico has the most variety, particularly in the rainforests.
  4. I've got hatchlings! 😁 Actually found my first hatchlings a couple weeks ago, this species is a challenging one to breed, but worth it IMO, one of the most unique Ectobiids that can be found in the US! The hatchlings are SO small, about a mm long, and with very little mass to them. This one's a second instar I believe... so about 2 mms long. 😂
  5. I don't think they'll attack isopods, but I could be wrong. As for roaches, they'll only be able to take down individuals their size or smaller most likely... So if the roach species in question are pretty large, I wouldn't worry about them.
  6. Hmmm... So far those just look like normal javanica nymphs lol.
  7. For fruits, maybe try apples and bananas instead? Very few roaches I've kept actually like strawberries... Oranges can be hit or miss, but apples and banana have been the best staple fruits for roaches in my experience.
  8. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here!
  9. I know right, love the micro species, even if these ones are more of a pain to rear. 😅 Thanks, I hope so too!
  10. Well my adults are still alive and have been going to town laying oothecae, and I already found hatchlings in their deli cup the other day! Don't have any pics of the nymphs yet since they are just under a mm long and great climbers, but I did get some pictures of the oothecae last week:
  11. One of my male nymphs has matured now, and man this species does not disaspoint! The females and many of the other males look to be much further behind in terms of development, so this one will likely be sent back to @Cariblatta lutea next week to mate with some of his females. Here are some pics of the handsome devil:
  12. Huh, well I've never really seen any myself, so I wouldn't know, thanks for the tip! Sounds rather unpleasant lol!
  13. He might not be able to mate anymore, TBH I've never seen a male with prolapsed genitalia mate before, at least not without retracting his genitalia back in before (which only happens occasionally, if you are lucky).
  14. Cherios and maybe corn flakes would be fine, but I wouldn't feed them the frosted flakes, cornpops or coco crispies, too much artificial sugar and additives that might be harmful to them.
  15. Huh, that actually looks like exactly what you have. Must be feeding on other insects in the tub, so probably neutral or actually beneficial to have in there (other than them possibly biting you out of defense if grabbed or squished).
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