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Status Updates posted by Hisserdude

  1. Loving the new forum software! :D

  2. Yay, so glad the forum is back, I missed it lol! :D

  3. Happy birthday Doc! :)

  4. Latiblattella rehni grow quick! :)

  5. My two new female Panchlora sp. "White" should arrive in the mail Friday! :)

  6. At least two of my Dorylaea orini have matured!!!! :D

  7. Hey, just checked, and I'm the top poster! :D

  8. Happy birthday! :)

    1. All About Arthropods

      All About Arthropods

      Thanks! :) Sorry, would thanked you earlier but just noticed your comment a few minutes ago!

  9. So psyched about Orin's new book, can't wait until it's released! :D

  10. Happy birthday! :)

    1. Tex


      Thank you, my Blatto-Brother!

  11. Up to 26 species of roach, before 2015 I had 2! Hopefully my collection will get even bigger this year, if space permits.

  12. Happy birthday Peter, and merry Christmas! :)

  13. Got some Parcoblatta americana for sale...

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