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  1. Thanks for reading! šŸ˜„ Interesting, if they are the "Gold" strain, ask if there's any more specific locality information! All I know is these came from China, no more specific locality other than that.
  2. Very similar to Pseudoglomeris magnifica, but noticeably smaller and with several little differences that could make this an undescribed subspecies or something... Adult females:
  3. @Cariblatta lutea has kept this species before, and may be able to help you out. They may need a winter diapause, but I'm not sure...
  4. Very nice, glad they're breeding so well for you! šŸ˜
  5. Bit overdue on showing these off here, but thanks so much to @Peter Clausen for sending me a pair of this amazing, giant, iconic Blattodean!!! šŸ˜ I believe these are L4 nymphs. They're so dang cute! ā˜ŗ
  6. Yes, they're very beautiful! Well good news, they're also found in Yunnan, Fujian and Guizhou China. Thanks, will do!
  7. I've got a sexed pair of nymphs of these beauties, fingers crossed they breed for me! šŸ¤ž
  8. Yeah it'd get gross quick. Could just have a few of them in a tank at a time, but they are rather secretive so I don't know how cool of a display that'd be.
  9. Just got a starter culture of these beauties, hopefully I can breed them successfully! šŸ˜ Here are a few crappy pics of a small nymph, they are ever so hyper and difficult to photograph... šŸ˜‚
  10. That dark subadult matured into a dark adult male: They're doing fine still, hopefully I'll see some babies soon!
  11. I've got mine in a very well ventilated bin, with a thin layer of coconut fiber for the substrate, one third of the enclosure kept moist, the rest pretty dry. They like bark for hides, and females appreciate having rotten wood to bore into to make brooding chambers, though you can make artificial ones or just make sure there's some good bark piles in the humid area of the enclosure instead. They also like it pretty warm for breeding. Favorite foods would be bananas and artificial pollen, followed by apples and chick feed. I have a full caresheet here.
  12. Problem with Epilamprids and semi aquatic setups is they produce so much frass, and a lot of them don't like filth buildups even on normal substrate... But their waste would foul the water very quickly in captivity, which would be annoying to deal with, and they do best with flowing water BTW, as most semi-aquatic Epilamprids live by streams, not still bodies of water.
  13. Whoops, the morph name is LLE Mahogany, not LLC lol. See here: https://www.roachcrossing.com/for-sale/roach/all/common-hisser/ Probably the same exact mutation/morph as yours IMO.
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