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  1. Wow, they are still nymphs!? Well still cool nonetheless, nice to this generation is doing well.
  2. That's pretty much what I have, just from a different brand. Very good roach container, nothing is getting out of that!
  3. I think I have the same container, just got it recently for my hissers, it is from Ziplock, right? If it is that container, you'll be fine, ain't nothing getting out of that!
  4. Cool! I'm gonna be getting the dwarf whites as well, can't wait till they come!
  5. I have some containers with the latches, and baby roaches could easily get out from the gap in between the lid and the container. Some lids are more airtight than others, get one that when the lid is closed, it is completely touching the container, not just loosely attached.
  6. I'm gonna say no. I have never given mine a water bowl, and they all are doing good. Just mist occasionally and keep the substrate moist in species that like it moist, and you should be good.
  7. Well they are Blattella, you really can't fail culturing most of those!
  8. Well it really depends on the species, some like it dryer, some like it moist. Some may have to be kept separate as nymphs. They all have their own care needs.
  9. Well a few small natives have been bred successfully, but for the most part these guys are still a huge pain to try to breed.
  10. Nice! I love the more intricate looking ootheca!
  11. Cool, that's pretty much my setup for them as well.
  12. Yay! Let us know how the new setup goes, we need all the information on this species we can get! How exactly are you setting them up this time?
  13. Wow! Every time this post gets updated I always have the same word in my head, "wow"!
  14. I agree with Orin here, of all my roaches this one seems to be the hardest to keep. A few of my nymphs died for no reason, and like Orin said they take FOREVER to mature and I only have one that is an adult right now, so it will probably die before it mates successfully. I started with 9, I am down to only 4 now... chances are I won't be able to breed this species without getting more.
  15. Any updates on these beauties? What do the nymphs look like? (I assume they are a dull brown/black like most roach nymphs, right?).
  16. Man, that sucks. Hope you can re-acquire this species soon.
  17. I believe this species likes a substrate of rotten wood and leaves.
  18. Cool little roaches, can't believe I never saw this thread before!
  19. Wow, great stuff man, great stuff! This is a very nice color morph!
  20. Any updates? Also, have you been able to ID the species yet?
  21. Aw, cute! My females have just started laying ooths, can't wait to see some babies! How long did it take for your ooths to hatch?
  22. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. BTW, "ghost" roach sounds like a great common name for this species!
  23. Awesome! I think I read somewhere that non native roaches in Canada is illegal, is that true? If so, that seems kinda stupid, seeing as Canada has a much colder climate than much of the United states, so there would be an extremely slim chance of any of the tropical species becoming established. If anything, I would think Canada would be more open to what types of non native species are allowed.
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