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  1. Think he means to say that he's always been interested in scorpions, but now he's actually got the feeders needed to keep them, so now he's actually getting more scorps because he can.
  2. Yeah that'd probably be the best way to go IMO. Weird, I didn't think males were all that territorial, I think most people keep theirs in groups of several pairs in one or two big bins, (removing babies as they're found).
  3. I mean it probably doesn't really matter, but if it's potentially harmful variables between the two enclosures that you are worried about, I'd keep a male and a female together in each enclosure.
  4. Yeah, Ectobiids in general are usually a pain to get well established in the hobby, especially the Nyctiborinae, since we don't know how the heck to hatch their oothecae yet...
  5. There are just as many, if not more hybrid hissers being kept overseas, it's easier to find pure stock of many species here in the US than it is in the EU for example... There's really only one pure Gromphadorhina species/strain that's being bred with any regularity in the EU that we don't have, (however the purity of said cultures is being called into question, it's possible oblongonota got mixed in somewhere along the line), and one Princisia color morph which may no longer exist as pure stock either. You're better off looking for reputable dealers here in the US claiming to have pure
  6. Have had a couple more litters born recently, so here are a couple more L1 pictures!
  7. I've asked him in PMs, and sadly, I believe his nymphs died only weeks after hatching, perhaps due to their oothecae being surgically opened up for them rather than it hatching in a more natural manner, the nymphs could have been just a little too underdeveloped or something...
  8. My Polyphaga always did this, (a lot of my burrowing roaches did actually), problem is, even if you got a deep substrate, they do like digging to the absolute bottom, so there will always be some down there scratching away... Moving the container to a place where you can't hear them as much would be your best bet, I personally just got used to the scratching.
  9. This option would be best IMO...
  10. If it were my culture, I'd remove all but one male until the next generation matures and they are numerous enough that any aggressive behavior becomes diffused... But some people never have problems with males stressing females out, so you could be fine leaving them in there.
  11. Eleodes obscura (adult female): Eleodes nigrina (adult female):
  12. Males have really long uropods, (the pointy bits sticking out of their butts), whereas females have much shorter ones... Should be easy to sex even half grown individuals.
  13. Haha no problem man, we all make mistakes, no matter how long we're in the hobby! Now for Porcellio hoffmannseggi, the substrate type isn't all that important, and rotten wood isn't actually a necessity, (can't hurt to add some though if you have it). Just make sure they have a load of ventilation, lots of surface area, (eggcrates, bark, etc.), and keep one or two corners of the enclosure humid, the rest dry. I've heard these are one of the more forgiving Spanish Porcellio, so hopefully they won't prove too picky! Also, make sure that if your starter group is male heavy, you remove
  14. You're not confusing Porcellio hoffmannseggi with Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi are you? Because the care recommendations thus far have been for the latter, which are TINY, seldom kept, and completely different in husbandry needs from the former...
  15. Nice, glad to hear your roaches are doing well! Hope they continue to be a welcome distraction during these trying times!
  16. Yeah these and a few other obscure micro-pods like Haplophthalmus danicus are some of the very few isopods in culture that actually require rotten wood in their diet to do well, and appear to be truly xylophagous...
  17. Looking forward to it! 😁
  18. Yeah mine has only two clamps on the lid, works fine.
  19. Gyna pomposa or Gyna gloriosa would be cool! 😄
  20. No problem, hope you're able to rehydrate her and get her healthy again, good luck!
  21. The problem with Spanish Porcellio is that since lots of them are so picky about their humidity, how humid you keep them really depends on what your ambient humidity levels are... And those are different for everyone and change with the seasons.
  22. Just know that it's almost certainly a Gromphadorhina hybrid, and definitely starving and dehydrated, all those pre-packaged hissers are... With some babying, if it isn't too far gone it should recover nicely, and probably won't harm your dubias. Shouldn't have any diseases or parasites being a CB individual, just dehydration and malnutrition...
  23. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here!
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