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  1. Put a shoe box on the floor. Place food and water in the box and leave the lid cracked. If she is in the area then she will take shelter there. Good luck!
  2. Yeah I would like to do a larger one sometime. The photo doesn't do it justice at all. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The clay I worked with was pretty difficult to mold so I kept things small. If you are interested I would gladly make you one. I could use the practice and you can watch roaches crawl through the orbits in person. LOL
  3. Thank you very much! I don't have it in front of me but I would say its probably about 3x1.5in. I made it from clay and several layers of paints and stain. I have made lots of things from clay before but this was my first skull. It started out as a lizard skull that i modeled off of some images of bearded dragon skulls that I found on google, however it kind of took on a life of its own. (No pun intended) I also made some cool shrooms that closely mimic bioluminescent mushrooms...glow and all.
  4. This is a skull I just made for my Vivarium. It took a lot of work but I liKe the idea behind it! Once I'm done with my Vivarium this boy Is going front and center where it will make a wonderful hiding spot for my little roaches to call home but it also makes a fun toung and cheek Statement...THE HUNTER IS NO LONGER THE HUNTER! So what do you all think?
  5. I think I would skip the house plants just because so many of them seem to be poisonous to other pets. As for your feeding schedule everyone has their own personal opinion on what to feed their roaches and how often to do it. I personally don't see anything wrong with what your doing. I give my roaches dry food once a week and fresh fruit and veggies whenever they are available.
  6. Just wanted to make sure. I will see what I can come up with and contact you ASAP.
  7. I think I'm going to use a (fake) reptile skull in my show tank. I love the irony of it!
  8. Are you looking for someone to write Orin? Or are you looking for links to previously published works?
  9. Have any of you used something other than the standard bark/wood hides for your roaches? Natural set ups are nice for display tanks but they can be a bit bland. I have been tossing around some ideas for something a little more original and whimsical. (I will try to post some pics when I'm done.) What are some of the creative things you have done in your roach enclosures? (If you can post pics that would be a plus!)
  10. I have a big bag of pine chips (the kind used in gardening for decorative mulch) and I was thinking about mixing it with coco fiber and use that as bedding for some of my roaches. Is it safe for roaches? Do you see any potential problems? In the past I have used it with mantises and havent seen any negative effects.
  11. I'm with you guys. I've been keeping roaches for just about a year now. I got my first (lobsters) as feeders for my mantises and scorpions but I found that watching the little guys interact was actually really enjoyable. Then I bumped into some adult hissers on eBay (6 for $8) and so I figured...what the heck. Ill give them a shot. Since then I added discoids to my collection. I reacted the same way you guys did when I opened my hissers and fot a long time after that I would jump when they hissed at me! LOL Im so thankful for all my buggy little friends. Over the last year I've had a lot of troubla with my health and family and they provide a wonderful distraction.
  12. I do keep some scorpions. They aren't "spidery" enough to bother me. I thought of trying to graduate to a "whip spider" and see how I do with that but I've heard they can be a little tricky to raise.
  13. I know this topic is ages old but I just had to toss my own two cents in here. The vaper Katie was speaking of is called ethylene gas. Its a chemical that is naturally emitted by most fruits as they ripen. Its also used by grocery stores to artificially accelerate the ripening of bannanas. Ethylene gas is poisonous to breath in concentrated quantities (at least to humans) so it is possible that placing fruit in a warm poorly vented container could poison organisms sensitive to ethylene. I can't say that this was what effected said nymphs but it IS a possibility. Just something to think about.
  14. Everyone calls me the Bug Man. I even had a special vanity plate made for my car. I'm not sure what people have a hardest time with...the fact that I have "pet" cockroaches or the fact that I'm arachnophobic. People can't seem to wrap their head around either.
  15. I am really touched by all your stories and can really relate. Like most of the other posters my love of arthropods started when I was very young. I remember chasing lightning bugs, catching butterflies, and playing with harvestmen years before I could even tie my shoes. Over time some traumatic events from my childhood began to overshadow my love for nature and insects. Today I struggle with stress and depression but thanks to rediscovering my first love I have found relief in all of my buggy little pets.
  16. I've always just saved my toilet paper rolls and fast food drink carriers. Its enviromentaly healthy and easy on the wallet. Anytime my friends, family members or myself get fast food I make sure to get a drink carrier and just put them in a big stack until I need them. They work just as well if not BETTER than egg cartons and I feel good knowing I'm keeping them out of a landfill.
  17. Anytime I ship roaches or other insects I put them in a plastic cup with air holes and some cardboard or paper towels inside to climb on. I then tape the lid on and lable the container. Next I place the cup in a box (either a new flat rate box or a recycled box from an earlier shipment) and pad it with crumpled newspaper to keep the little guys from bouncing around during shipping. Finally, I use packing tape and DOUBLE tape the flaps and corners of the box. When I take it to the post office I always tell them I want Priority Shipping with Delivery Confirmation and that the contents are FRAGILE AND PARISHABLE. I havent lost a living creature yet.
  18. My guess is its a spermatophore.
  19. Did either of your males pull through? I have a gut feeling that the apple had something to do with it. (Either alcohol poisoning or residual pesticides.)
  20. Sounds like Phorid flies to me. I had a problem with them last year. I raised the temperature of the enclosure and dried the substrate out. I also found that fewer of them returned when I didn't keep food in their enclosure and made sure that their water stayed INSIDE their dish.
  21. Wicked tattoo man. I've been wanting to get a mantis and/or roach inked on me for a while now. Hopefully I wont have to wait much longer.
  22. Gromphadorhina Portentosa
  23. Hello everyone. I'm Jayson. Some of you may already know me from Mantis Forums or Arachno Boards. I am a father of one and currently reside in NC. I am a life long "bug nut" and people at work call me bug man. I came into the Roach hobby after starting a colony of lobster roaches to feed my mantises. I have since added "false death heads" and "Madagascar hissers" to my collection. I am currently looking for another unique Roach to breed. I am leaning towards Byrsotria rothi but don't know a whole lot about caring for them. I've been very busy lately so whatever I get I would like to be easy to care for.
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