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  1. well like I said I'm having some O. deusta and some G. oblongonota being shipped right now, when my deusta colony starts to grow I plan on trading a buddy of mine for a few things (He has a lot.)
  2. Thanks both of you. Right now I have (in small numbers) Hemiblabera tenebricosa, Byrsotria sp. "cuba". And I have some G. oblongonota and some Oxyhaloa deusta about to be shipped!
  3. I'm Camden, I live in middle Tennessee and enjoy playing old-time music. (banjo&fiddle), animal trapping, fishing, etc. I used to be involved in the hobby a few years ago, some things happened that essentially forced me to rid of my invert collection. I'm happily getting back into the swing of things with a particular interest in roaches, I look forward to reading the always interesting content from you folks.
  4. My house is around 67-70 all year around, I keep my roaches in a small-ish room and I have a small electric space heater that I just barely turn on, just enough to make the room 80 or so. (The space heater will automatically turn off if tipped over.)
  5. Looks like a nice collection, are all of them established colonies? Or just small numbers?
  6. I love white-eyes, and the after molted one looks even more impressive! I'd love to keep some of these..but I need a bit more experience.
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