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  1. so the males tend to be more skittish than the females?
  2. I have a couple questions about these before getting them... Can both the males and females fly? Also can they break the skin w/the spikes on their legs? Thanks...
  3. Which makes for a better display/handling pet?
  4. I got my first adult E. Chopardi today and was disappointed at how skitso it is. I took my Javanica out of the box it was very calm, crawled on my hand. I put my hand down in the cage it slowly crawled off. I opened the Chopardi box and it jumps out on my hand running full speed up my arm and didn't stop running the whole time i was taking it to the cage. I get it to the cage and it hits the ground running up the side of the cage and all around like a crazy person(roach). Is this common behavior for the Chopardi or did I get one that is just diifferent from the majority. I have had Javanica's before and they have always been so calm and slow moving. I was hoping the Chopardi would be the same with no such luck.
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