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  1. i have heard of people in arizona keeping them in the shed outdoors in about 115F today the room maxed out at about 94F i think i have to check the thermometer
  2. for some reason i have had serious issues keeping my colonies up this last 6 to 8 weeks i know its been a highly talked about topic this last few weeks and i am not the only one with the problem everything is spot on in there enclosure and i feed the best possible foods to them and dont use animal protein my only question is can they be overheated? my only thing left to see is if they can overheat in the daytime they are in my attic which hits probly 100F and i use a spaceheater at night which is set to 95F but really runs the room around 91F is it possible these deaths are from overheating? ive noticed the dubia were crouding the bottom of the bin even going as far as using the open space in the front and back of the bins to lay on...
  3. i have atleast 5 of these i call them bi sexual dubia
  4. you could see loss of females with this i changed a colony too much at one time and i lost about 50 females and a ton of babies
  5. chris

    dwarf dubia?

    So the dwarfs do produce regularly?
  6. chris

    dwarf dubia?

    What do you think about the effects of dwarfing can it be reversed i.e buy dubia from supplier around 1 inch than feed them well and give them space and thell be good size females or the damage is done by the time i get them
  7. chris

    dwarf dubia?

    The dubia in question juat came in no longer than a month ago at 7/8 inch and i have everything pristine at my house for them
  8. chris

    dwarf dubia?

    I think its the actual place there coming from and not the enclosure
  9. i think it was a cold spell and not enough liquids and fruit there good now
  10. anyone order from them and have any concerns? i seem to have die off a month or two after buying from them but not instantly
  11. i know the potassium is much higher in the potato but what else sets the potato apart ?
  12. i underestimated my dubia colonies i just bought 25 lbs. of dubia from another hobbyist i swear like 25% of my costco run just went into my colonies so much for it lasting a month !
  13. i wonder what the nutritional value is for potato vs carrots i dont like to use filler i think my one colony is suffering from lack of nutrition the adults are lagging horribly i think they went through a cold shock i just got the flex watt tape mounted up lastnight hopefully they snap back into it
  14. ive debated for long time over two things 1.whether water crystals kill roaches or its just a fluke with my colonies everytime i supply water crystals i swear i see deaths in the bins ? 2. whole or baby carrots? does it really matter because these damn baby carrots dont last and there very expensive when you have the dubia ammounts i do
  15. i have a female i call hammerhead her head is all puffy she lasted very long she did die rip
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