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  1. havnt found any info on this but is there a stage of adults thats like a "teenager" i keep seeing smaller roachs that have the females 2 nubs as i call them but there definitively not female size... so is there a stage thats before full female? also is it the same for the males do they have so called mini wings haha?

  2. so i just wanted to post for new members to know how much of a improvement ive seen since beefing up two of my colonies

    my one bin is about 600 mix with whatever new dubia are there and about 50 adults,since adding a extra 8 adults i noticed immediate breeding

    my second bin ive noticed one new adult molt and tons and tons of new molts in 48 hours! i had about 6 per that bin of 2000 now at 3200 i can visibly see about 6 without even going into the crates to see all the dubia inbetween the egg crates

    i had 200 in a 55 gallon tank and i had no movement and none would eat now since transferring to all 18gallon tubs its been a huge success without doubt

    just somthing i never saw on forums thought id go into a slight lecture loll :rolleyes:

  3. is there anyway to get these things off the ground faster size wise? no one has dubia available in large quanity and mine are taking forever to molt into adults

    i just added 6 more females into my adult bin and within 2 days i caught them breeding and locked up with males

  4. Lat hybrids? I don't think lateralis can hybridize with anything in the hobby.

    maybe theres some rounder dubia strains than because there seems to be two kinds the egg shaped/circular ones and the longer dubia

    also i believe a female poped out some babies lastnight i see a ton of little roachs flying around in there and the entire bowl of water crystals was flatout dry in one night :o also the medium tub seems to be a alot heavier im going to buy a scale and start weighting in my tubs and keep track by that for now on of course also by look i can monitor sheds and progress in size morph

  5. yeah id be suprised if they dident start releasing soon the females have ballon buts right now id assume there gravid im hoping they are because im fed up with crickets i spent two hours cleaning diarrhea up in my medium crickets because i gave them collards never will i go all out for those crickets again there getting no greens i know that... i had mounds of just decay and crap it was horrible i have my second bin sitting with 1200 medium larges hopefully they will be full breeding in the next 3 months

  6. so i seem to have issues breeding my dubia and im absolutly fed up with crickets

    i bought 35 females and 10 males along with 1200 mixed i think its been about a month since ive heated them ive had them total for 2 months probly and i dont think ive had a single female lay eggs ive seen two dried eggsacs so i started misting everyday also it takes about 2 weeks for the large roachs after molt to get back to full color

    i feed natural holistic dog food and oranges everyday water crystals are fresh always low temps are 79 highs of 98 and there in a bin with no light getting in normally at al

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