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  1. nice I am now thinking what tricks I may teach to my Pycnoscelus nigra
  2. they are now a large colony hehehehehe im looking forward to add a colony of: blaberus giganteus Lucihormetica subcincta m. rhinoceros roach
  3. 1.Elliptorhina javanica 2.Gromphadorhina portentosa 3.Neostylopyga rhombifolia 4.Rhypharobia maderae 5.Parcoblatta pennsylvanica (ant attack now i have only 4 fem and 2 males) 6.Blaberus discoidales 7.Blaptica dubia (lots of it) 8.Nauphoeta cinerea 9.Eublaberus posticus 10.Periplaneta australasiae 11.pycnoscelus surinamensis 12.Therea olegrandjeani 13.Blatta lateralis right now this is the only roach i have but if any one can ship here in the Philippines to trade in I would like to have as many as I can. I ship abroad.
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