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  1. ik the fish food thing, my roaches went through a can of it in 5 weeks
  2. some come from temperate areas and have to be more cold tolerant
  3. a repashy product meant to gut load insects for supplementation of the animals that eat them it's 14% protein i think
  4. woah woah hang on a minute i had my roaches in my shed for the summer and after halloween i cleaned out the shed to put stuff in it (my roaches were long back in the house) and i found an escaped B.fusca female on a chair, half frozen but still alive she revived within 3 hours and is still alive today
  5. i hate these things! i always have problems with them in spring attacking my luna moth cats
  6. i give them plenty of fruits and veggies as well as bug burger and they have wet soil in the bin
  7. i've had the adults for many months there seem to be plenty of nymphs in the soil
  8. i have a bin with my shelfordella colony and whenever i reach in there and let them crawl on my skin, adult females start nibbling on my skin why r they doing this? they are rather painful
  9. almost all my adults died now and r yellow or pink, but the few babies i see r growing bigger is it just old age? is it possible they r being kept too wet??
  10. poor girl any tips? most of the babies died too and they wont stop burrowing
  11. adult female blaberus fusca adult female nauphoeta cinerea adult female panchlorea nivea enjoy
  12. my idea for why a roach can have white eyes is that there might be some part of the exoskeleton over the eyes that is lifted up, away from them, so they appear white, similar to how dead skin separated from people and insects is discolored and white
  13. rhyparobia sp. malaysia adult female g. portentosa adult male g. portentosa adult female g. portentosa 2nd instar enjoy
  14. my fuscas ate a whole hisser once they need fish flakes to keep satisfied
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