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  1. Yes they are extremely prone to drop in temp and cold weather

    woah woah hang on a minute

    i had my roaches in my shed for the summer and after halloween i cleaned out the shed to put stuff in it (my roaches were long back in the house) and i found an escaped B.fusca female on a chair, half frozen but still alive

    she revived within 3 hours and is still alive today

  2. other than "calm down" lol

    here is the issue

    i kinda let my roaches go over the fall, and they stopped breeding, stopped eating, and are starting to die

    yes i do plan to buy more to boost the colonies

    but i need suggestions as far as inexpensive heating, housing and substrate go

    here is a youtube vid describing my problem

    thanx for your help

    remember i need simplistic things

    thanx :D

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