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  1. 2 have died The nymphs get a black spot under the legs and turn limp and they die I don't want all then to die like this They have sterile coco bark and dead leaves and some pieces of fresh cut oak wood in the cage and a cardboard house I made to hide in I feed them veggies fruits and fish flakes and keep at 62-66 degrees for now (until I get heat tape in June) How can I help them?? Thanx
  2. i tried to but it moves too fast and my flash doesnt work correctly will use a different camera no guarentees though
  3. Umm guys The roach with the problem is a male It has something resembling a maggot stickin out of it I think it's its penis
  4. also found this site peeps do a lot of studies on nauphoeta cinerea MORE
  5. I use window screen and baby Nauphoeta can't escape it But then again Nauphoeta love to stick near each other...
  6. Thing was it was sticking out the long way instead of vertical rows
  7. day 1 got 20 large nymphs today snapped 2 quick pics before putting them in their cage
  8. got 3 hissers today and i'm not sure on the species the lid said dystanti but i have no idea what it means i think there is an adult pair and a young female, the young one only makes a farting noise and the other 2 r silent thanx
  9. sounds like they r eating shed skins i just constantly have protein food in there fish flakes work real well, better than dog food i have tons of newborns
  10. Is that how long they take to mature? Where are they native to?
  11. Ok so u will probably ask me, why do I care abt the health of 1 measly lobster roach? Wat if it turns into a colony-wide problem?? I have an adult with a pointy yellow thingy stickin out the abdomen and it's pumpin the abdomen and I think the thing is moving Is a parasitic worm emerging from it? Thanx
  12. on the bottom of the picture there is a weird thing on the egg crate that looks like a jack-o-lantern face is that a B.cranifer thorax??
  13. So I am setting up a blaberus cage and I'm going to put cardboard structures in for the nymphs to climb and hide under But there is moist substrate and I'm worried the cardboard will for mold Can I spray paint it or something to keep it dry and mold free?? Thanx
  14. I have 40 wild caught isopods in soil/rotting wood/leaf litter, moistened well, with apple, dog food, and fish flakes in the cage Hopefully they multiply soon
  15. just wondering, which is better for a clean up crew, isopods or springtails? also, how can i culture isopods i caught outside? thanx
  16. My neighbor is deathly allergic to birch pollen yet she has 3 birches in her yard lol She's not very nice, I wonder if she is allergic to roaches, I could give one of her kids a roach and they'd go show it to her (she freaked out over a Luna moth cat, I can picture a roach scene now...) and see if she's allergic So does the roaches exoskeleton itself cause an allergy or is it the poo or something??
  17. I have fungus gnat problems when I have old soil sitting around for a while If u replace your soil they should leave
  18. u should get a big mantis in the corner abt to grab the roach
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