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  1. speaking of which, how soon after giving birth do the roaches make another ootheca??
  2. I love to work with my roacheys!! They never give me any probs, every now and then I may pop a lobster or 2, pretty tasty I must say , but my dubias and lobsters don't give me any reactions whatsoever Maybe all my mantises have made me used to the allergens allegedly produced by their ancestors
  3. I need help When I first got my lobster roaches they would eat the fish flakes and dog food without a problem Now they don't seem to be eating it at all , and despite new babies, not much fruit has been consumed Help please
  4. It's ironic how my friend at school (who looks a bit like the thing in the video) gets all grossed out over roacheys and the fact that I rear them when her cousin got me into roaches in the first place She's all like "u can hear them crawling around at night and it's gross" but I think it's very calming and soothing
  5. first zelus i caught turned out to be male second one was female and i bred them successfully but zelus luridis isn't a roach, but just sayin, u never know when u get lucky... also happened with my first 2 creobroter gemmatus, the 2 L2 i got a few years ago turned into a pair, but neither made it to adult
  6. Yes I am agent a on the mantidforum I've seen female lobster roaches use the ooths sticking out of them as weapons
  7. Hey all, I've noticed lately several lobster roaches aborting ootheca for some reason, and I've found abt 6 in the cage and the other roaches eat them They get lots of variation in diet and I always have fish flakes in the cage Why r they aborting their eggs? Thanx
  8. Yes, parthenogens clone themselves so no new genes occur All my dubia r in the same cage though
  9. in my experience roaches don't like to eat leaves i'd use potato or carrot or somethin like that
  10. welcome from connecticut! roacheys r awesome
  11. 10 gallon is a bit big i think for 2 roaches, they may breed slower and have a hard time gettin round but as long as there is food and shelter and they r cared for they will be fine most roacheys r nocturnal so that's why u can't see them if they die they will rot and u will know, i feed my roacheys carrot, pear, apple, strawberry, potato, and fish flakes, they dont like leafy veggies that much hope this helps, i'm still kinda new to this as well
  12. oh, btw, anyone know wat the sex of those nymphs r? i'm clueless
  13. the orangish one has been that color for at least 2 weeks, so it isnt fresh molted it's cool though
  14. love the avatar!! :D

  15. love the avatar!! :D

  16. now should i put tape on the bottom or sides of the tank or both? thanx
  17. That's the plan Question: can I hook several lengths of tape up to the same thermostat at the same time or should I keep it in a long line? Thanx
  18. anyone have any experience with any of these products? help please! thanx
  19. hey all, just curious, anyone use hydrofoam seedling heat mats to warm their roaches? i'm thinkin in investing into a few but i wanna know if they r good to use do i need to get a thermostat device to control the temp too? thanx
  20. 3 different color nymphs i have
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