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  1. Just wondering, when a roach that bears live young such as a dubia gives birth, wat happens to the eggshells the nymphs emerged from? Do they get reabsorbed by her or eaten or something? Just curious
  2. wait a second! zephyr has those guys too? anyways, the second picture is not of hissers! hissers are wingless!! what r u trying to pull? :P r the bottom 2 pics of blaberus discoidalis??
  3. i find with my lobster roaches the subadults and adults r the same size in mantises, their descendants, subs have the most pronounced wingbuds but they really start enlarging at presubadult stage
  4. How many r there? I think u r keepin them a bit too hot
  5. So yesterday i noticed something interesting in my lobster roach cage at least 2 females were subsequently laying eggs and sucking them back into the body it got me thinking, do they release some pheremone to say "hey y'all, I'm laying eggs so lay yours too so our babies are born at the same time"??? thanx
  6. The lobster roaches r a bit hit!!! My insectivores LOVE them!!

  7. The lobster roaches r a bit hit!!! My insectivores LOVE them!!

  8. I think if they r clean they should be ok but don't quote me
  9. Is the roach in the first pic parcoblattus pennsylvanica???
  10. Ok I keep seeing the word culled on the forum, but wat does it mean? Also, when someone says lats, they mean shelfordella lateralis right? Thanx
  11. Cool!!! Time for the real critic to judge them: http://www.google.com/search?q=creobroter+gemmatus&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari#&miuv=1
  12. Termites, mantises and roaches r all in the super order Dictyoptera
  13. Hi termites!!! Perhaps the only social insect that undergoes incomplete metamorphosis
  14. When u say gauno u mean gonwo, the polish word for poop or right??
  15. I mist around the lamp without a problem I did learn the hard way when I lifted up a lamp, sprayed into the cage then put the lamp back down The bulb exploded and caught fire but noting too serious, just extensive clean up afterwards lol
  16. Well I only started out with 6 adults and 1 died and I kept them at room temp until yesterday, but it should get bigger soon lol
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