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  1. Love it!! Wish my male dubias would do that lol
  2. I'm actually more concerned abt it being a fire hazard Anyways, the heat pads I have don't work, they barely get warm even after hours of being plugged in I'm saving up for heat tape however
  3. It's as hot as it can get and things look fine As a precaution I am investing in a heat tape system but for now I guess it's infrared time!!!
  4. Hi, I have a 60 watt infrared bulb I use to heat my roachies with, and I was just wondering, is it safe to have it on 24/7??? Thanx
  5. Cool!!! Do u have them? Kinda reminds me of wat happened to bombyx mori
  6. I put them at 80 degrees and already they seem happier
  7. I just put my 8 dubias in a black meat market container about 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and tall enough for 1 layer of egg crate It's still bigger than the floor space the old cage had and it's not in the direct path of the lamp Gonna test the temp to be sure it's safe
  8. I see so many pictures of roach bin setups and they r all huge bins that probably r like 10 gallons or so and I'm wondering, do they have to be that big? I don't see any way I can heat such a big bin (I am gonna use a 1 gallon Rubbermaid for my lobsters cause it the only thing that will fit under my infrared bulb and my mom doesn't want a ton of lamps and buckets and stuff in my room Not to mention I read somewhere that overcrowding roaches helps them breed because they figure they r in a good place if there r a ton of their species in the area Can someone clear up this confusion? How else can I heat a roach container without using a heat lamp? Any suggestions? Thanx
  9. Nice On Sunday I ordered Nauphoeta cinerea from him so I can't wait to get them!!! Food will be at my house shortly!!!
  10. I hate crix which is why I am resorting to roaches, whether my mom approves or not lol Crix mismolt on me a lot, they cannibalize, they can't go even a few days without food, they chirp at night, they drown too quickly in my toad cage, escape too easily, I could go on and on And my dubias in their non prolific state still haven't been this much trouble...
  11. I vote saturniids They r a lovely summer pet u just have to mate the adults and feed the larvae I can send u Luna cecropia or io eggs this spring if u want Just be sure to have pesticide free hostplants and a container on hand
  12. I have a 3 gallon glass aquarium but it is like 6 inches tall and I am worried the roaches will spend all their time on the floor and not get warm enough Is this likely to happen? Thanx
  13. It's a 16 inch tall plastic jar with a 4 inch lid that has mesh, I don't think they have enough ventilation I am using a mobile device (which is why I can't edit my profile on a mobile forum), but later I'll put pics on a computer and post them The females appear distressed, I better get them in a better setup...
  14. My water crystals always get all weird on me, they start reverting back to water, and they r expensive, but I am planning on getting more soon I have pear I can feed them I know, I'm not able to care for a simple dubia roach, but that's a big reason I joined this forum...
  15. Just curious, are there any roaches out there that r predacious, like mantises? If so, what r they??? Thanx
  16. Kewl!!! Reminds me of BBQ chicken for some reason...
  17. They r in an old pretzel jar now with egg crates I feed them carrots and fish flakes Is it ok to put them in the cage I will house my lobsters in or will the 2 species fight with each other??
  18. And it's safe to house them with Nauphoeta cinerea? Thanx
  19. Hello all, so I 6 adult dubias last July from a friend 4 females and 2 males I've been keepin them at room temp ever since and have only gotten 1 birth last October, and only have 2 of those nymphs left and at 4th instar If I heat the 5 remaining adults up will they produce a next generation or is it too late for that? Also, can I house them with lobster roaches? Thanx
  20. Hello, I'm Alex and I live in Connecticut, some peeps here may know me as agent a on mantidforum, I keep several mantises and I recently got into roaches I have dubias (which are not doing so well, maybe because I only keep them at like 70 degrees) and I bought lobster roaches yesterday from roach crossing I hope to keep in the future rhyparobia spp, blatta orientalis, maybe a few hissers and possibly a giant cave roach Did I mention there is a thriving population of some parcoblattus spp in the woods behind my house?
  21. Can't wait to get some Nauphoeta cinerea!!!

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