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  1. I use USPS flat rate boxes most the time but when people send me bugs I recycle lol and just egg carton and tape the box up, maybe with some SMALL holes drilled in.
  2. Wow thats a awesome collection! Its so strange to see dubia with substrate haha I have had them for 4 years and never given them substrate, same with my turks but your set ups are awesome!
  3. Same care as a madagascar hisser lol
  4. You realize there is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOT of species of roaches right? lol Some can climb, some need more heat then others, some can fly, etc etc. Look into the species you want for feeders or pets or both and then go from there.
  5. Oh wow those are awesome! I want one haha I had two N. Americanus but they died randomly for no reason :\ I will get some more eventually!
  6. Hi! I was wondering if you still have the Dubias you posted. I would be interested.. I also have lots to trade if that is what you would like. I have P.Vans and Black Tiger Hissers in abundance. Also Madagascars. Please let me know! Thanks, Cindy

  7. Friend of mine literally had a 100% sealed tank and would open it multiple times for air a day, just to avoid any escapes at all!
  8. lets get some pictures!!!! haha I know how "yeah some screen!" but I have yet to physically see how cages are set up
  9. Anyone have any good banana roach, p. Nivea, set ups? I would love some pointers cause I know they escape easy!
  10. as long as your house is cool there is no issues, I would lose a adult male almost weekly and they lived in my room, 75-80 but once they hit the hallway they never made it 20 feet at 65
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