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  1. Those are cool. I never thought of using a cheese puff container. I thought of using some big tupperwares I had but I didn't want to cut them up (my husband is obsessed with tupperwares and probably would be mad). How much food do you guys think I should put in the tank, and how often should I put it in there? Of course, I should take it out if it starts molding or something, but is it OK to just throw a bunch in there at once? I've been putting a lot in there all over the place because I thought they might not want to stray far from the heated side of the tank (even though the water is on th
  2. Cool thanks guys. I figured it was a bit big for them, but as long as there's no harm in it being big, I don't mind it. And it's in my bedroom so I would smell the stink right away. So I'm glad to know they are safe and happy, heh. And yes they are Madagascan. I am so used to just calling them 'hissers' from when I took entomology in school and we would get them out to look at a lot. But yeah maybe I will get some cheese puffs at the grocery this week... I like them so I can eat through them pretty fast haha. And then when they get bigger move them back to the 10gal so they can have more roa
  3. Hey friends. I am a new-to-roach guy... I decided to try out raising a couple pet roaches recently and depending on how it may works out, may get into raising more and breeding and stuff. I have always been into arthropods and roaches have always been my favorites. They are just cool So now that I have my own, I looked around and found this place (it was very hard... just googled 'roach forum' lol) As for me, personally, I'm an artist/salesman from Indianapolis. And I guess that's it for now. Thanks
  4. Hey friends. I recently received a 10-gallon tank from my uncle; he used to use it for snakes. I cleaned it up so I could get some roach pets since I've always wanted some. I got two young hissers and some custom-made substrate for them. I've read countless care sheets and books and this and that but now I'm paranoid I'm "doing it wrong." I am pretty sure the tank is done right... protected, warm, big, etc. I'm kind of worried it's too big, though. I took the little hissies from the capsule they came in (it was through the mail) and sat them in the tank. The first thing they did was crawl un
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