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  1. Sorry All, I Forgot my password.

  2. Sorry All, I Forgot my password.

  3. I have A lot of Experience With G oblongonata, You should get a few more of them (2 more male 4 More females) You need To let the male fight in front of the females, Once you have a Few dominant males The females Will find him absolutely irrestible
  4. I use Organic Banana, Mango, And Apple baby Food And Rep Cal Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food It's the best! I have to buy the 3 pound bags lol
  5. Do You Make sure the water crystals have fully expanded?
  6. My Gromphadorhina oblongonota, Sure have ben making A lot of noise lately..

  7. Looks like zoomed forest floor bedding mixed with coco fiber coco fiber.
  8. Small numbers of grain mites are harmless. But In large numbers they can cause stress
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