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  1. Hi Orin, Thank you so much for your reply. i would like to share something with you. I just received a shipment of late instar B.dubia. I never had these before. It is said that they do not climb glass or plastic Thats appears to be accurate. When i released them into a shallow plastic container, they simply ran around and never attempeted to climb-out! I have been working with cockroaches for 40 years and have never seen this behavior. This is wonderful in terms of ease of care. I'm delighted with the choice. I certainly need to purchase some additional livestock. I will respond to
  2. Hello I am a new member to this list but i have been keeping and breeding cockroaches for a number of years. I make presentations at schools and museums here on Long Island, NY. I have hissers and i'm waiting to recieve a shipment of B. dubia. I have a presentation on May 20, 2012 at the Nassau County Children's Museum, "Bug Bonanza". I need some adult cockroach livestock. I would like to get some B. craniifer or similar large specimens. Late instar nymphs would also be fine. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. Mike Deutsch M.S.,BCE Urban Entomologist
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