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  1. I was going to put six small nymphs in this crazy large cage but I should wait until I got more of them right?
  2. Is it possible that if cockroaches were in too large of an area would they not be able to find their food and water dish
  3. My Egyptian desert roach molted into adulthood! It looks so cool with it's colored wings!
  4. which isopods would work best and where can i get them also roaches normally have these mites that clean the roaches and in return the mites need the roaches to survive.
  5. i found my peppered roach trapped in its water crystal dish. It had looked like it tryed to burrow in the water crystals because it had dried water crystal on it. i let it out and it emeddiatley began to start burrowing. when i looked closely at the water crystal container there were really really small mites in it not like the big ones you normally see but ones like the size of a period. there were dozens of them and they freaked me out.
  6. my brother insists that im a different species.
  7. ugh i hate double post

  8. ugh i hate double post

  9. did your domino roach nymphs come in? it still says coming soon on your signature.

  10. did your domino roach nymphs come in? it still says coming soon on your signature.

  11. wow amazing design on the prothorax (i think that is what it is called)
  12. cool! do you heat the bin in any way?
  13. im sorry. thats too bad, i hate losing nymphs.
  14. Are emperor scorpions legal in massachussetts? I really want one and im trying to convince my parents to let me get some.
  15. its also wicked hot here so i will probaly stop spraying and hope none molt
  16. now they are in all my cages! I will definetly use your suggestion.
  17. welcome to the forum! you'll like it i'm sure.
  18. I feed all my bugs the same things and all of them have been fine except for the 2 roaches that died but all the rest are fine including my question mark roach. Also most of my bugs are nymphs that always burrow and i have never seen them come out and they are pretty healthy so i think they will be good.
  19. red head roach oxyhaloa deusta
  20. UPDATE: wide horn hisser is dead too! little worried now. although there are logical explanations. the red head roach was a very small nymph and i took it on a trip to a family reunion. could have been so stressful that it died. also i dropped the wide horn hissers cage upside down shortly before bringing to same family reunion. although i also huve these flying gnats/flys which might be doing it but all my species are fine (or from the turn of events i hope)
  21. sadly, my red head roach nymph died last night. this is the second i have gotten this species and it has died. i have decided to avoid that species completley because it does seem like a very strong species.
  22. i found this place on google. http://www.phasmidsincyberspace.com/
  23. i am pretty sure its about 8 months as nymphs and a few months as adults.
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