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  1. I use vaseline for my lobster colony and don't have any escapees unless I'm doing a cleaning or something. The only thing is when it gets really warm for long periods of time it starts to melt and run a little bit but it's cheap enough to just reapply.
  2. They will eat the mold I've heard. Finding dead ones should be common as well as they will grow old and eventually die. If more or younger ones continue die I'm not sure. Someone more experienced will have to answer that.
  3. OK cool. Thanks for the info. I nabbed some isopods so I guess I'll see how it goes. I am going to start a separate colony just in case something goes wrong that way I don't have to start all over again.
  4. What do you do or use to determine if you need to spray? By feel or how it looks or did you get the humidity meter?
  5. Thank you for changing it for me!
  6. So should I lightly mist the container every few days to keep it moist enough?
  7. Does this forum have a Facebook page?
  8. I just want to add an o at the end to make it Masqueepo.
  9. Is there a way to change my display name? I only want to change one letter but can't seem to find how.
  10. Also, I have a redworm bin for compost and I have seen tiny white bugs crawling around the food and stuff...are those springtails?
  11. I've been seeing a lot about springtails and isopods as a cleaner bug in the colonies. I was wondering what people did with them when the colony is cleaned. The springtails are so small that I see it being pretty difficult to separate or anything. Isopods like damp right? How do you keep the colony damp enough for the isopods without making the frass and everything moldy and killing the colony?
  12. Awesome. Nice video and set ups by the way. Pretty awesome looking.
  13. ha yea, is that you? I'm subscribed to that account on youtube.
  14. Orange head roach or red head roach? I can only find info on the orange.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I will try out a few different things and see what works best for me.
  16. What do you use to ship roaches in and where do you get the supplies. I see a lot of people just use boxes and tape it up good but they never say where they get them. Do you just go to a store and ask? Any size that's really good?
  17. Kind of like a tea you mean? Do you see a large difference in plant growth?
  18. I was wondering if anyone else was doing this. I have an indoor red worm bin and when I clean the roach colonies I put all the frass in my colonies. I haven't been doing this for very long, actually just started so I don't have many results yet but I will keep you updated on it. I know that cricket farms and such do it with cricket frass.
  19. All of that makes sense. I keep a pretty large dish of water crystals in each bin. Are there other ways you keep your humidity high that won't cause mold?
  20. I ended up buying one that is almost exactly the same. Do you use one as well?
  21. I am a fan of the dubia roach. They get decent sized for medium sized lizards but can be small enough for the smaller reptile as well.
  22. I have been selling to a small shop but they don't sell to much. They buy some but the customers don't because they all have the "yew, gross" mentality. I'm trying to help get rid of that way of thinking in my area though
  23. Yea that would be pretty cool. I haven't thought about doing it for color yet but maybe something down the road. Thanks for the reply
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