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  1. I've found lower instars and adult males of B. lateralis can climb plastic to some degree if I leave even the slightest mineral residue from my hard water after cleaning. Once I saw what was happening I countered this using the packing tape trick at the top corners of my boxes, and since doing that I've only lost those that give me the slip when working with them.
  2. @MrCrackerpants I'm afraid not. But if it's any consolation G. capucina and G. bisannulata are not common in Europe, as I far as I can tell. But maybe easier to find in the States?, if so you might be one Gyna species richer then over here.
  3. I recently got hold of these along with G. lurida, and they are very neat indeed. The few adults I have appear a little smaller than lurida. In time I hope to get my hands on the other two Gyna that are doing the rounds so far.
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