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  1. Sorry for late reply but yes my domino roaches are in now

  2. I have posted a couple weeks ago with a problem about my assassin bugs not eating one did after a few days but now one didnt eat for two weeks and is now dead. i still have one but am very disapointed oh well.
  3. I see well i might as well take out the lettuce then thanks shall try putting in an orange or something
  4. Okay then thank you all i put in lettuce and i seriously hope they nibble some of it befor eit goes bad
  5. i see well i have mines with oak leaf litter. I hope they will live but my main question to all though is should i provide food like lettuce and stuff if they are just going to be hidden all the time doing whatever or what?
  6. Hello I had just recently gotten four domino roaches from peter clausen and i would just like to know what to feed them? i mean i know what they eat its just would they eat it? the enclosure i put them in was bigger than a thought for them and they burrowed into the ground so i cant even see them and im not sure if they stay in the dirt and feed some how. Please help.
  7. sorry to hear that. that sucks imns much about redhead roaches though otherwise maybe id give pointers but yes
  8. Coolio thanks for the site too bad they all seem to be non U.S. and or sell dead bugs but still cool seeing all the species some have.
  9. Well i must say thats a bummer but i guess i can understand why ,some breed like crazy. but oh well I guess I can try an find some around here if im lucky. But i have seen them at shows like the la bug fair i will most likely check out there.
  10. One of them finally ate he is noticeably plumper now
  11. Thanks for the link. i checked it out though and it seems to be in canada so im contacting them to see if they could possibly send to califonria. shall see.
  12. Thank you both for your answers i guess its determined they live on average around a year
  13. I have seriously been searching these forums not just this one but the beetle forum.net, arachnoboards.com etc and have been absorbing so much information its crazy. ive been doing it for around several hours today now and i think ive combed most of just htis site down cause this is my favorite one. But my my brain is aching and i need a breather cant wait for my new dominos though so i can focus on them which i imagine will be a little more relaxing
  14. Hello everyone just a simple question i dont seem to have a certain answer for from what ive read so far. What is the average lifespan of domino roaches? i have heard they live only for a few months as adults but i think i heard from another source they can live alot longer as adults so im not so sure any particular info would be helpful though thank you for your time.
  15. These are mostly ones i want 1.Phanaeus vindex-colorful type of dung beetle 2.domino roaches 3.orange spot assassin bug 4.any tarantula 5.any whipscorpion 6.Hormetica subcincta ~ Glow Spot roach 7.any leaf bug 8.any stick insect 9.leafcutter ant colony with queen 10.hissers
  16. Hello does anyone know of any vendors who sells any sort of phasmid in the U.S.? ive looked but dont seem to be finding much. Im looking for leaf insects in particular or walking sticks
  17. Hey thanks for replying and I shall make sure to keep you in mind if any other questions come about and everyone else as well.
  18. ah ive seen these they are like the brain surgeons of the insect family
  19. Hello i heard the name from a bugguide on the net when i tried identifying them so i stuck with it since it made sense but yes red shouldered bug or jadera haematoloma appear to be the correct name. And yes im aware the adult insects only have wings just stating though you could see on the developing nymphs that their wings can be seen being developed . and i must say i have seen a few molt when they already had wings and got a little bigger which is why i stated so and i think i shouldve rephrased the one inch size they are more like a couple or three centimeters though. Thank you too for the information and experience you had with them though i shall try and add what knowledge i gain and add to the report just for keepsakes
  20. I have found a bunch of these near my house next to a golden rain tree and am currently trying to raise them. Info on what i learned about them so far. Food: they apparently eat golden rain tree seeds and i have read they also tend to congregate around fruits such as plums, peaches , chinaberry, and apples and i have seen them sucking the juices out of their dead relatives. Appearance: they have red shoulders and the rest of the body is a bluish black for adults, for nymphs they have reddish abdomens and as they get older they start to develop the wings. Behavior: they are not known to cannibalize each other when live exceptions include when dead though. they like to congregate together in groups especially under shade.though they have wings they are not normally known to fly. the only times i have seen them fly was when i tried knocking them down from some high position. They are not stink bugs so dont worry about nasty odors being emitted. Size:they are around a few centimeters in length and a couple of centimeters or less in width breeding: I have seen some of the golden rain tree bugs i have breeding one particular pair to be connected for now a few days which is surprising. i have yet to see eggs though. lifespan:i heard they live for a few months to a year especially if they live through the winter months http://www.google.com/imgres?q=golden+rain+tree+bug&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1420&bih=658&tbm=isch&tbnid=eOib2fn1rne1sM:&imgrefurl=http://www.emergencypestpatrol.com/library_seasonal&docid=VkXlU9bU6siOCM&imgurl=http://www.emergencypestpatrol.com/files/1934711/uploaded/Goldenraintreebug.jpg&w=640&h=480&ei=TB3cT__7LYO-2gXg4IzGDQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=291&vpy=149&dur=1281&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=129&ty=131&sig=111774406532046043160&page=1&tbnh=138&tbnw=179&start=0&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:77
  21. Hello I currently live in southern california i dont currently have any pet roaches believe it or not but i will be getting my first ones around next week . Domino roaches to be exact. And i hope to have a colony of them in the coming months and well i will be mainly having them as pets. And if anyone knows out there if you need a license or something to sell them around here please let me know. Lastly i found this community linked to bugsincyberspace where i originally got my first bugs and shall be getting my domino roaches. Thanks all for reading
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