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  1. Hi everyone As many of you know I have been working on my own website about air plants, well now it is open! Home page: http://thetillandsiaforums.com/ gallery: http://thetillandsiaforums.com/gallery/ Forums: http://thetillandsiaforums.com/forums/ Chat: http://thetillandsiaforums.com/chat/ I had to completely redo the gallery, the images broke after being uploaded to my server :/ but I like how this gallery looks better as people can upload photos and comment Everything is working that I have seen; however, if any issues come up, you have ideas, or just want to comment on something contact me in any way. I am open to all suggestions.
  2. Hi everyone Whenever I try to edit my settings I get forwarded to a blank white screen covered by text, random symbols, and code. Any ideas why or how to fix this?
  3. On the beetleforum page anyone can upload and post pictures. Just not to the album. I didn't think about doing a group, that would have been easier for other to upload pictures...
  4. https://www.facebook...181551648650947 Fresh out of the WWW We are open to all suggestions and contributions The cover photo looks kind of blurry so we may be replacing that
  5. I got them the 2.5 gallon, as soon as some mature I will see what they can't climb up. I hot glued the holes and corners of the lid (where they may be able to squeeze through)
  6. I didn't find any I am going to send you a PM about possibly working out something to get the ones you offered earlier.
  7. I was informed by Orin that they do not need a cold period with their experience. So I am just going to keep them indoors and see how they do
  8. I am going to my friends house this weekend, as long as nothing happens. He said his yard is full of maple and oak logs so I can collect some for my beetles while I am at it We can wait until I look around some, incase I find a bunch more.
  9. I am hoping I can find more, tomorrow I am going to find out if I can go to my friends house. I will be going to my aunts house this coming weekend and looking around, but I doubt I will find very many, I looked pretty well the last time. If we did work something out would you be interested in me paying for the shipping + some extra money? I don't have much roach wise to trade with. These are very cool roaches, they are the only roaches I have seen in the wild, or even in person except for those in shows and stores.
  10. Zephyr was thinking P. virginica or P. uhleriana, but like you said we will have to wait until they molt to adults. I really hope I can find more, a colony of three isn't very much
  11. I have a 2.5 gallon glass tank and lid being held for me at a local pet store, most stores want about $20 for a 2.5 gallon but I found some for $12 and the lid is $5-$6. I am hoping to catch some more from my aunts house, and maybe my friends house as he told me there is a lot of rotting logs at his house and thought that he saw some of the roaches.
  12. Its going to be fun keeping the roaches contained Here are some pictures I just shot of them: Their so cute! It took me a couple minutes to get those pictures, they move insanely quickly for little roaches. I am pretty sure they are all nymphs right now
  13. For some reason I cannot keep any animals that require moisture in more closed containers. Mold attacks everything if the air flow is not excellent, I have tried everything to fight it off but nothing works for very long. Maybe there is mold growing outside or something and the spores are spreading? Or maybe mold spores could be coming out of all my houseplants, but they stay dry though.
  14. I moved them back indoors in my room then How do you keep them? I have mine in a plastic container with coconutcoir/fiber substrate, then a couple pieces of wood from the log I found them in to climb on (I think birch). And then their food items, carrot, apple, and assorted dry foods like cat food. I will be getting them a 2.5 gallon tank when we have enough money left over, assuming I can find them for cheaper. The only place I have found 2.5 gallons at was a local pet store and they wanted $18 just for the tank, then I would have to get the lid and everything. Now if I knew that they couldn't climb up tape or something then I could just put them in a critter keeper and call it good But I would rather them be in a glass tank with a tight fitting lid than had really small screen.
  15. I have read on another thread on this forum that if they don't have a cold period, then they will not molt and will die. But then on that same thread it said that they would do fine without a cold period. Maybe it depends on the species being kept, and how they are being kept? These are native to Michigan so they should be used to the cold, but if they don't need it I would just keep them warm all the time and it would be much easier on me. Maybe we could keep them outside after it cools off in fall/autumn, but bring them inside in the warmth before it starts freezing?
  16. I may email a collage or something and see what ideas they have.
  17. My mom won't let me put them in the fridge, that would have been easy though. I will try getting a cooler and trying my idea out and see how the temperature stays in it.
  18. Hi everyone I have some wood roaches and just found out that they need to stay cold throughout the winter for a dormancy/resting period. But I live in a mobile home in Michigan so I am rather limited on what I can do. I don't have a cold room to put them in. And on my porch they would be exposed to the harsh Michigan winters, where it can get to 10 degrees F on uncommon occasions. I was thinking of maybe putting them in a small cooler (a few air holes drilled in the lid) and have ice packs in the bottom. I would have extras in the freezer so every day I could change them and make sure they stay cold. Would that work?
  19. my mom is allergic to roaches so these are the only ones I have. Once one becomes and adult I will experiment a little bit and see if they can climb up the tape, if they can then I will try the Vaseline. After a few years her allergy shots should have helped a lot, or when I move out I will have some more roaches I love roaches
  20. Got a reply from Zephyr, and it turns out that they may stop growing and die out if they don't get a cold period I live in a mobile home so it will be fun to find a place cold enough.
  21. Does anyone know if these have to have a cold period? I am talking with Kyle (zephyr) about them through email, it is starting to get cold outside so I want to make sure I do this right.
  22. Hi everyone I caught some Parcoblatta (wood roaches) nymphs (non can climb yet) and I was planning on keeping them in a critter keeper or 2.5 gallon tank. But I just found out that they can climb very well as adults. So now I am back to square one, and as because I have little experience in roaches I need help. I used to breed hissers for a year or so but my parents got sick of them. And the last time I have kept the Parcoblatta wood roaches was fifth grade, none of them reproduced, probably because I didn't know what I was doing So my original plan was a critter keeper, but if they can climb they could probably squeeze through the holes in the lid, assuming the adults aren't like an inch long or something. My second plan was a 2.5 gallon glass tank with a standard screen lid, but once again if they can climb and squeeze they may be able to get out from the gaps created by the corners. But I was thinking that maybe I could line the whole rim of the tank with velcrow. Then the lid would fit snug and be hard to get off. But then if the roaches were on the lid it would be very hard to get them off to do any maintenance. So now I don't know what to do. I could keep them in a small tote that locked shut but everytime I keep something most with dry food in one of those mold attacks everything. I was thinking of maybe buying a Exo Terra nano vivarium/terrarium thing, but those are about $30+ and that seems like a lot to spend on a tank. I read on another site that packing tape may work. Or that I could use Vaseline but that seems a bit risky/dangerous for the roaches if they get stuck in it. And if the roaches can climb glass why wouldn't they be able to climb the tap So what should I do?
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