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  1. I'm interested but only have hissers now
  2. too many legs...sorry its the entomologist in mee!
  3. I've always done 2 or 3 females to one male, probably when my colony is overcrowded now.
  4. I thought I was imagining a population increase after feeding romaine, now I'm glad to hear someone else has the same experience.
  5. Organic doesnt mean insecticide free, there are lots of insectcides which are "natural"- sulphur, rotenone, etc.
  6. Organophosphates are being phased out here, but they're cheap and still used worldwide.
  7. Being an entomologist it shouldn't surprise me that vegetables are having residual pesticides. And most of the produce imported from other countries is probably sprayed withcompounds not used in the U.S. I think Africa still use DDT for malaria control.
  8. I bought a head of romaine lettuce at the supermarket the other day, threw it in with the hissers and had 25 dead the next day. I googled and it seems romaine is high on the vegetables that have pesticide residules. This is the second occurance with romaine in 2 years. I've heard rinsing with water will not remove all contaminates.
  9. My hissers won't touch cucumber or raw potato
  10. Both...the current colony lives in my office and I also use them for giving insect talks
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Greg in Lawrence, KS. Some days it seems the middle of nowhere. Currently working as the State Entomologist for Kansas Dept. of Agriculture. 1. Do you currently raise any roaches? G. portentosa 2. If so, how many? probaly 200-300 3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders? pets 4. If feeders, what kinds? 5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community? 6. How did you find our community? google search
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