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  1. It's funny that Kiwi is mentioned a few times here - I had a bowl of mango and kiwi that my water dragon refused, so I gave it to my roaches. They devoured the mango completely, but so far as I can tell, ignored the kiwi
  2. Strange how stories can be so similar... In my late teens I was aspiring to be a professional violinist, and ended up sustaining significant injury to my left shoulder, leaving me unable to play for the last 20 years. I ended up getting a degree that I didn't really enjoy, getting laid off after a few years in my field, and then working odd jobs to make ends meet. Eventually I ended up moving in with the woman that would later be my wife, and as she was allergic to cats and dogs I decided to get a reptile. I ended up finding an Australian Water Dragon that I absolutely fell in love with (despite her being an absolute grouch of a reptile, I don't dare touch her hehe!) I quickly became obsessed with her care - additionally my wife wanted a Central Bearded Dragon, and I bought a couple slings. This discovery of my love of animals led me to start breeding my own feeders - besides crickets and superworms, dubias were a natural choice. Little did I know that I would find cockroaches fascinating. I now regularly tout the virtues of cockroaches to the uninitiated, and have lost any understanding of society's "fear"/loathing of such noble creatures. Unfortunately my wife is far less enamored with cockroaches - but I look forward to breeding several exotic species of roach if I can.
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