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  1. Hello all, ive got a bit of an emergency. it looks like the cockroaches in three separate containers are all bloating and flipping on their backs! none of them can walk normally! i dont know what to do and i dont want them all to die, can anyone give me some advice? i think it was caused but some rotting orange but im not sure! please help!
  2. right now i am keeping P. nivea Wide horned hisser Normal hissers dubi soon i will be getting the red goblin roach!
  3. See, i have some normal hissers and i have the wide horned veriety, and they only hide all day... maybe i should take out the egg cartons? last time i did all they did was dig into the substrate.... anyone selling any pacific beetle mimics?
  4. Hello all, i was wondering if there are any diurnal cockroaches in the hobby? i would like something i can actually watch move around Very Respectfully, NavyDT
  5. Hello all, My name is Bryan F. (NavyDT) i am 27 years old and have just recently gotten into cockroaches. ive always been fascinated with bugs as i was in 4H Entomology as a kid. i actually had a 3 year running grand champion beetle collection at the Oregon state fair anyways around 2 months ago i took a trip home to oregon and collected 3 different spieces of Eleodes spp. and have been attemping to breed them, i also collected 3 species of isopods and started colony's with those. while i was looking for information on their care on the youtube i happened to watch a video of a G. portentosa giving live birth. i dont know why it took me 27 years but that !@@$ blew my !@@$!#~ mind. i was hooked. i went to a local pet store and purchased what i thought were G. oblongata. well 3 days later i realized i had gotten 3 male g. portentosa ( noobie mistake ) well i go online and ended up ordering some giant canyon isopods and P. nivea from peter at bugsincyberspace.com and also 10 G. oblongata from Greg's exotic inverts. i cant tell you how happy i am to have them! anyways, sorry to ramble. 1. Do you currently raise any roaches? i have 10 G. oblongata, 2 G. Portentosa and 20 P. nivea nymphs 2. If so, how many? err, see above 3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders? pets right now, possibly fishing bait later 4. If feeders, what kinds? none yet. 5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community? are there any active diurnal cockroaches that don't have the... err.. american/german cockroach look? 6. How did you find our community? google!
  6. Hello all, just requesting a little help. i have recently received 20 Panchlora nivea nymphs and i would say 5 adults with two being female. odd thing is the adults are dieing off and its really starting to bug me! im not sure whats wrong with my setup... Setup: 2.5 gal glass with plexi glass lid coco husk substrate egg carton Food: repashy super food http://www.store.repashy.com/bug-burger-16-oz-bag.html ive been keeping it pretty moist... as they are supposed to be from some pretty humid areas from what i have read. when i find the dead adults, they are turning red like a cooked shirmp. it is around 75-80 degrees natural temp in my house in the summer, and i dont think that could be the cause. i will attach a photo so everyone can see. Very Respectfully, NavyDT
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