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  1. Hello all, ive got a bit of an emergency. it looks like the cockroaches in three separate containers are all bloating and flipping on their backs! none of them can walk normally! i dont know what to do and i dont want them all to die, can anyone give me some advice? i think it was caused but some rotting orange but im not sure! please help!
  2. right now i am keeping P. nivea Wide horned hisser Normal hissers dubi soon i will be getting the red goblin roach!
  3. See, i have some normal hissers and i have the wide horned veriety, and they only hide all day... maybe i should take out the egg cartons? last time i did all they did was dig into the substrate.... anyone selling any pacific beetle mimics?
  4. Hello all, i was wondering if there are any diurnal cockroaches in the hobby? i would like something i can actually watch move around Very Respectfully, NavyDT
  5. Hello all, My name is Bryan F. (NavyDT) i am 27 years old and have just recently gotten into cockroaches. ive always been fascinated with bugs as i was in 4H Entomology as a kid. i actually had a 3 year running grand champion beetle collection at the Oregon state fair anyways around 2 months ago i took a trip home to oregon and collected 3 different spieces of Eleodes spp. and have been attemping to breed them, i also collected 3 species of isopods and started colony's with those. while i was looking for information on their care on the youtube i happened to watch a video of a G. portentosa
  6. Hello all, just requesting a little help. i have recently received 20 Panchlora nivea nymphs and i would say 5 adults with two being female. odd thing is the adults are dieing off and its really starting to bug me! im not sure whats wrong with my setup... Setup: 2.5 gal glass with plexi glass lid coco husk substrate egg carton Food: repashy super food http://www.store.repashy.com/bug-burger-16-oz-bag.html ive been keeping it pretty moist... as they are supposed to be from some pretty humid areas from what i have read. when i find the dead adults, they are turning red like a cooked shi
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