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  1. Sorry, haven't been on here in a while. Regular aluminum window screen holds them in fine as far as I can tell. Haven't ever found babies loose.
  2. Yes, I found them living with ants.
  3. The Ootheca hatched and they were tiny. I did not have luck with them. I should have sent them to Kyle. I am going to try to go back this year and find some more.
  4. Can you post pics? I got tons of larva from my E. goryi, but the never morphed to beetles. I still have a few adults, and will probably collect some more when they are out this year.
  5. They are Giant Lobster Roaches
  6. They aren't too hard to breed. The ootheca seem like they take forever to hatch. I about gave up on them before I saw any nymphs. Kyle has some (as far as I know) that I sent him a year and a half ago.
  7. I keep a small colony. I collected them in my backyard. They are what got me in to raising non feeder roaches. My profile pic is an adult male.
  8. Yes, it is a grape vine, I planted it myself. I forgot to water it for a while recently, and it has lost quite a few leaves so I thought maybe I could use them. Thanks for the help. I will Google for more info.
  9. I have a grape vine in my yard and was wondering if anyone knows if grape leaves are safe for roaches?
  10. Zephyr has determined that they are a species of Myremecoblatta. Here is an adult male and a large nymph or adult female. I can not get a good look at the underside to determine. They are too small and too quick.
  11. The nymphs/adult females, don't seem to climb, but the male I collected did and very fast (accidently squished him while putting the lid on). Zephyr says they are most likely a Myrmecoblatta sp. Maybe he will be able to find out for sure as soon as I can find a few more to send him. I collected them on the underside of two different rotting logs thanks to my 6 year old who spotted the one pictured, and a nymph about half the size of this one a few days later. Hopefully the ootheca will produce a few more.
  12. Found about a half a dozen of these last week.
  13. I have a California Mountain King (L.z. multicincta) Bass Lake locale available if anyone is interested. Approx. 24" and looks like a female, but have not probed it. May do a partial trade for tortoise, roaches, or beetles. PM if interested
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