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  1. Zephyr has determined that they are a species of Myremecoblatta. Here is an adult male and a large nymph or adult female. I can not get a good look at the underside to determine. They are too small and too quick.



  2. The nymphs/adult females, don't seem to climb, but the male I collected did and very fast (accidently squished him while putting the lid on). Zephyr says they are most likely a Myrmecoblatta sp. Maybe he will be able to find out for sure as soon as I can find a few more to send him. I collected them on the underside of two different rotting logs thanks to my 6 year old who spotted the one pictured, and a nymph about half the size of this one a few days later. Hopefully the ootheca will produce a few more.

  3. Welcome Carrie. I have only been to roaches as pets for about 8 months, but I am addicted. Istarted out with Lobsters and Discoids for feeders a few years ago. Now I have 18 species, and am looking to get a few more over the next month or so. I have Glowspots and I see mine regularly. I don't have real deep substrate, though, but several of my adults are usually out on pieces of wood. The nymphs however, usually stay hidden. There are plenty of people on this forum to help with any questions you might have.

  4. Our laundry room is attached to the house, with 2 doors going out and 2 windows. It is on the south side of the house with a large covered porch coming off of it. It stays opened up and ventilated, but it still gets up in the mid 90's during the summer. How would this affect roaches? Most are small "pet" colonies, but I do have dubias, discoids and E. posticus for feeders. Any thoughts on keeping them here, or would the temps affect production?

  5. Thanks for the welcome. I am getting some Question marks along with some other species on a trade w/ Zephyr. I am looking forward to them. My son is really excited abouth them. He thinks the are cool! I am sure I will be posting w/ lots of questions on my new species.

    Thanks again,


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