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  1. Speaking from the cat and dog food world, using a cat or dog food certified organic or at least containing certified organic ingredients decreases the potential exposure to pesticide and herbicide residue in the plant ingredients and antibiotics and drugs in the meat ingredients. We know these can build up through the food chain so I see it as a better choice for both pet roaches and especially those who will be fed to larger animals. If you are going to feed cat and dog food to your roaches, I would use the same ingredient criteria as when choosing for my dogs and cats. I want to trust the ingredient sources, all ingredients should be identified by species ("chicken fat" as opposed to "anmal fat"), no BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin or by-products.
  2. Welcome! You have a nice variety of roaches. Do post photos, please!
  3. The forum discussions have made me observe my 4 roaches a bit more closely. There really are some differences in color and stripes or lack of. Fascinating!
  4. I'm so sorry this is happening! Let me begin by saying that I'm not a roach expert by any means. Any ideas I have are based on reading I've done for the benefit of my dogs, cats, mouse or other critters. I'm still learning about roaches and I appreciate any corrections from the roach community. I had a piece of toast with coconut oil the other day. I put a small piece in with the roaches who loved it. Unrefined organic coconut oil has, among other benefits, antifungal and antibacterial properties. I wonder, if your roaches are still eating, if this may be helpful. I also use very high quality essential oils. Many essential oils have the same properties as the coconut oil but are more concentrated. If you have access to therapeutic quality oils (safe for human consumption), I'd choose citrus oils. 1 or 2 drops in a 4 oz glass spray bottle filled with distilled or spring water could be used for misting or your could wash any produce you give them in a bowl of water with 1 or 2 drops added. With essential oils it is better to start with very little as you can always add more if needed. Too much right away may not be helpful. I hope to hear your roaches are improving!
  5. I'm thinking our Wisconsin winters are way too harsh for G. portentosa. When I had them years ago, I had new nymphs escape(before I found out about barriers!) The dryness of the houses in winter with the heat on is too dry for any to survive. Either that or I managed to find them all!
  6. Thank you for sharing! The photography is amazing and so are their observations.
  7. Yes, as you can tell from my username, I have greyhounds (2)! We also have 2 cats and a mouse. And now for the cockroaches... I had a colony of hissers years ago when I taught early childhood. It proved to be useful in getting some kids(and parents) past the "ICK!" factor. I currently have 4 male Madagascar hissers. How I got them is...interesting. I work in a small pet supply store. We cater mostly to dogs and cats and a few small animal needs. We don't sell any live animals as pets or feeders. Several weeks ago, a woman came in to ask if we'd consider selling hissers as pets. She explained she was helping a friend downsize as the friend had too many to care for. I said we wouldn't be interested but I personally would consider buying a few. She then asked me quite a few questions about their care and keeping while taking notes. I agreed to buy four. We ended with an agreement that she would call me at work before bringing them. (I was concerned some of my coworkers wouldn't be so thrilled to have them there.) The next day she called and arranged to bring me the hissers. She came with four males in pretty good shape except for various levels of broken antennae. One looks really perfect. No mites and all moving well. I bought them. Then she wanted to speak to me away from the counter. She proceeded to explain these were at a family center in the science room. They were in a ten gallon tank of at least two hundred that hadn't been cleaned for at least a year. The smell was so bad that kids didn't want to go in the science room. She had called the local humane society, explained the situation and was told the person sounds like a hoarder of cockroaches. (I'm imagining everyone reading this rolling your eyes!) The person who brought them to me asked someone else at the center for permission to clean the tank. She moved 6 males to a different tank, set aside the four I agreed to and FLUSHED the rest. I was dumbfounded. I truly believe she thought she was doing the best but, had she told me what her plans really were and that they were not really hers to deal with, I would have offered to help the situation. I could have found this forum as a resource(which I am sooooo glad I have found!) and perhaps helped to find a few venues to help slim down the colony. And now...I'm having a great time renewing my interest in these guys! I have learned so much from this forum already and am thinking about a couple of other species I'd like to try.
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