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  1. The fall Wisconsin Reptile Expo is this Sunday (Sept 23rd) in Madison WI. It'll be from 10am to 3pm with a 5 dollar entrance fee. These shows are a interactive gathering of professional herpetoculturists, representatives from various herpetological organizations from Wisconsin and surrounding states, and many reptile hobbyists at all levels of interest and expertise. This is a great place to meet, share information, and converse with people who share your interests and can provide expert information on all aspects of herpetology. Many local reptile breeders will be exhibiting a wide variety of colorful and unusual top-quality captive-bred snakes and lizards, as well as some turtles, tortoises, amphibians, and invertebrates for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Tanks, cages, terrarium supplies, and reptile diets will also be available at less than retail prices. http://wireptileshows.com/index.php?link=home
  2. I have no problem following the look but dont touch rule lol. I have a polymorpha which should be arriving in a couple days so im very excites
  3. I was thinking about Scolopendra polymorpha. its pretty widely recomended as a good starter.
  4. So does anyones here keep any any cenetipedes? i was thinking about getting one.
  5. Mine are pretty good together. The one ibnamed winston usually picks a certain spot heblikes and starts fights all night long and then i get up.in the morning and they are sleeping side by side lol.
  6. They have carrots daily as well. and they are both males. I plan on getting a breeding pair of tiger hissers here pretty soon.
  7. Ok i'll stop at the walgreens on the way home from work. Thanks for the tip!
  8. This is my isopod set up but they dont seem to be doing to well i found a few dead and i have no idea why. foods starting to mold. Should I take that out or is that something I should leave in there for them?
  9. These are my two new hissers in their old Kritter Keeper And this their new home Happy Roaches and I can hardly stop my self from getting more!
  10. So today I moved my two hissers into their full sized tank and for a substrate im using just the coconut fiber. Ive read alot aboutpeople mixing substrates up and i was wondering if just using the coconut fiber perfectly fine and what would be a good idea to mix into it. Oh and any good suggestions on heating their tank up. I havnt decided on how I wanna go about doing that and the temptures are gonna start dropping in the next month or so in my area.
  11. So far ive had no.problems with my two males living in a medium sized kritter keepr. they sonetimes fight over a particular spot but they generally end up just sleeping next to each other anway. So i would assume you should be fine one or both of your males is abnornally agressive. im in the process of moving mine into a 16x10x8 tank. I think that a 5gal tank?
  12. Im still new to the hobby myself but i read somewhere on this forum that the mites that you sometimes find on hissers may help reduce they allergins from the roaches. found it http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/04/090429132243.htm
  13. Thats what I figured. Can any of the hisser varietys be housed together or are they all just too closely related?
  14. Would there be any problems with keeping a couple regular Hissers in a tank with a couple Tiger hissers? Like two and two? And would i have to worry about cross breeding with them. Itll be about a 10gal tank. The two regulars are both males.
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